Friday , 20 January 2017

Salim Kumar wins Best Actor National Award

Malayalam Actor Salim Kumar - The National Award Winner

Malayalam Film actor and comedian Salim Kumar wins National Award for Best Actor in 2011.  The award was given for his role in the Malayalam film ‘Adaminte Makan Abu’ [Abu, son of Adam]

Best Feature Film- Aadaminte Makan Abu – Dir: Salim A (Malayalam)

Best Director- Vetrimaran – Film: Aadukalam

Best Actor- Salim Kumar (Aadaminte Makan Abu) & Dhanush (Aadukalam) (Individual awards and not going to share)

Best Actress-Mitalee Jadap Vardkar (Babu BAnd Baaja -Marathi) & Saranya Trivarnan (Privannan -Tamil)

Best Male Singer-Suresh Wadkar (Marathi)

Best Female Singer-Rekha Bharadwaj (Ishqiya)

Best Cinematographer-Madhu Ambat (Aadaminte Makan Abu)

Best Background Score -Adaminte Makan Abu

Best Music Direction – Vishal Bharadwaj (Ishqiya)

Production Design-Sabu Cyril( Enthiran )

Best Malayalam Film- Veettilekkulla Vazhi (Dr. Biju)

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  1. Salim kumar is a good actors, he proved it in films like “Achanurangatha veedu”, and it is a new trend, getting award for an actor who came from mimicry.

  2. Our Salim kumar show his talent from the given job,not like other actors in malayalam, keep it friend….. - IT News, Events, Lifestyle, IT Jobs, Technopark, companies, people, Reviews, Trivandrum city news, trivandrum development updates, Trivandrum City Life, Trivandrum events, Trivandrum movies, etc