Friday , 25 May 2018
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Lulu International Shopping Mall – Indias Largest Shopping Mall, Kochi

Mr. Yusuf Ali M.A., Managing Director of Emke Group, UAE, ranks today among the top NRI Business personalities. The Group has diversified into many significant areas under his dynamic stewardship, retail being the most prominent of them.
Emke Group, with its 22,000 strong workforce from 29 different nations and operational bases extending over the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Benin and Tanzania is one of the most successful corporates of the times with a steadily ascending growth curve over the years. The Group employs more than 15,200 Indians.
Lulu Cochin Mall is the new upcoming shopping mall in Kochi, Kerala, India. It is built on an area of 2,000,000 square feet. More than 240 renowned outlets including food courts, restaurants, family entertainment zones and a seven-screen Multiplex will all come together to make Lulu Shopping making it the one-stop destination for people of Kerala.


  • Parking space for over 1000 vehicles in the basement
  • Surface parking for 2000 vehicles
  • Majestic Central Atrium with translucent roof
  • Escalators
  • Fountains
  • Vertical Circulation from the basement upwards travelators and panoramic elevators
  • Easy access and exit
  • Spacious indoor walkways


  • Lulu Hypermarket on the Ground floor having an area of 1000,000 Square feet. selling fresh, frozen, canned food, fruits and vegetables, along with butchery, bakery, hot food counters etc
  • Lulu Department Store on the First floor with 1000,000 Square feet of shop floor selling non food items like garments, footwear, luggage, white goods, cosmetics, electronic goods etc
  • Leasable retail space over 1 lakh sq. ft. on Second Floor, International home furnishing store of area 500,000 square feet

Food court

  • A fine dining restaurant of 5,500 square feet and a coffee shop of 5500 square feet are located in the second floor
  • A large Food Court to seat around 3,500 people serviced by 13 kitchens will offer an array of exotic cuisine
  • 3 fine dining restaurants with terrace dining facilities on the Third floor

Game Zone

  • A n Amusement area of 30,000 square feet on the Third Floor.

5 Star hotel

  • A highlight of the Lulu Complex will be a 5 star hotel located adjacent to the imposing shopping mall. The 250 room properly will offer Royal Suite rooms and Executive Suites with international standard multi cuisine restaurants, swimming pool, coffee shop, Spa and privilege club facilities

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  1. Double check before using the word Largest/hottest etc. India’s largest mall is under construction in Gurgaon which has more than double the area of Lulu mall when completed. Lulu can be the largest in Kerala or may be South India.

  2. hey dude lulu is not at all indias biggest shopping mall but it’s also asia’s biggest shopping mall……………………….

  3. Vicky from Kolkata

    Lullu will never become undias largest mall even for a month. because market lies in NCR(Delhi). so it will be either in Noida or Gurgaon. when population density of rich people is higher. if it sombody is openning then it will be closed due to lack of potential customers.

  4. Vicky, What do you know about Lulu Mall or the city that hosts it – Kochi? Kochi did not make money through IT or being part of the Capital Region. Kochi has been a major trading centre for centuries now and does not have overnight history like the NCR. Kochi is home to plenty of private entrepeneurs and companies and the families that come with it. Also, Kochi is the only and best place for shopping in Kerala. Of course, Calicut and Thrissur are good but Kochi is on top.

  5. @TRIVANDRUM LIFE ^^^^ – You should be glad that LULU is atleast the largest in Kerala 😉 and even more glad that you have a mall in your not so far neighbourhood :).

    @wikipedia – absolute NO-NO!

  6. Is the Lulu shopping mall complete? Travelling to Kochi in October with some intrepid shoppers. Mostly interested in Western designer brands, cameras, etc. How far is it from Fort Kochin? Thanks for your help in advance.

  7. It will complete in 2011 and it is hardely 20 km from Fort Kochi.

  8. It is near KFC/Gold Souk right?

  9. what r the leasing formalities

  10. no……objections please………….lulu sets highest rank of malls in area……… will become the biggest mall in india ever constructed……… doubt about that………

  11. for your information under the act 136 of malls .the largest mall in india is lulu and gurgoan is having 19 lakh square feet which the lulu outstands.

  12. Most of the keralites even move to bangalore or chennai for jobs and how this mall gets profitable?

  13. Dear Sir

    He is malabari and making profilts because all mallu are in gulf …..
    all the indians have to come here in gulf for buisness,,,,,,

  14. Hello Sir Please publish regarding the job offers in the lulu hypermarket

  15. Respected Sir/Madam
    I am working as a chef (bakery & Confectionery) so please give me a chance to work with your company

  16. I am working as an accountant in a company last 6 years. I wish to work with your company. Please give me a chance.
    thanking you


  18. Hi, sounds extremly great. Would like to know which all international brands will be there & when is it going to start. Regarding the leasing info whom should we get in touch.

  19. Lulu can be called one of the largest in south India. The area is ~17 lakh sq ft in 4 floors. Express Avenue Chennai is of comparable size as this. Mantri square Bangalore is around 20 lakh in 5 floors.
    and mother of all malls- Mall of India Gurgaon covers a huge area of 45 lakh square feet.. Now you people decide where Lulu stands.
    and if u consider Population Cochin population (<7 lakhs) is far behind even non metros like Ahamedabad (~40 Lakhs) y comparing with the metros..Have to see how it can survive.

  20. ^^^^
    When you say Cochin population is <7Lacs, please know that the 7Lacs is only the City Corporation population.The real Cochin spreads far beyond the city boundaries. For example, Kakkanad, Maradu are not part of the Corporation rather part of the Greater Cochin UA. Yet, people living in those areas identify themselves as Kochiites and not Kakkanadians. The city in reality stretches from Aroor all the way to Angamaly and even Muvattupuzha. Consider the population of this UA than the tiny corporation – the reason why there is going to be many a footfall in this mega mall!

  21. Respected sir/ working 6 years in gcc in security&sales man.if u have any job vacancy pls give me chance

  22. The Zune concentrates on being a Portable Media Player. Not a web browser. Not a game machine. Maybe in the future it’ll do even better in those areas, but for now it’s a fantastic way to organize and listen to your music and videos, and is without peer in that regard. The iPod’s strengths are its web browsing and apps. If those sound more compelling, perhaps it is your best choice.

  23. @Ajirh The area of express avenue chennai is only 900,000 square feet

  24. @Ajirh Mantri square Bangalore is 17 lakhs Sqft .. so now u can decide where lulu stands….

  25. Why disputing over LULU Kochi ?!! Its indeed one of the biggest malls in India. And for sure, it will be the best of all the malls in India because the quality of construction and luxury provoded are surpassing all the others. Its truly an International mall; not just an Indian Mall. Lulu is not aiming just Kochiites, but to attract International community on large scale; promoters are internationally well connected and highly influential worldwide, to promote it globally. Lulu is also to finish a very large International Convention Centre In Kochi-Bolghatty, even to challenge Singapore capacity & standards. Lulu is to soon launch 3 or 4 numbers of 5-7 star Hotels too in Kochi. It has already finished a very large Flight Catering Company as well near Kochi International Air Port, in tie up with Oberoi.

  26. What Mr George said is correct; Lulu is to attract huge visitors from GCC, Europe etc , in which Kerala Tourism has already gained much momentum. Lulu Mall and its promoters can very easily bring lot of Arabs etc to Kerala, for many reasons. Smart City, a mega IT project also is to operate in Kochi soon, promoted by the Govt of Dubai, in fact brought to Kerala/Kochi by Mr Yusaf Ali, MD of Lulu Group.

  27. Lulu Kochi is 20 Lac Sq Ft in 4 floors, spread over 17.5 acres of land, one side NH 17 & another NH 47; it additionally include an Aviation Tower, to host all International Air Line offices and also a 7 star hotel- LULU MARIOT. Expected to finish by the end of 2011. MD of Lulu Group MD is also one of the Dirctors of Air India & also CIAL ( Cochin Intl. Airport Ltd ), and he is planning promotion of Kerala Tourisn on a very large scale, which will eventually benefit his various projects in kerala, including Lulu Mall.

  28. The retail area of LULU is only 6.4 lac sq.ft. And it is not the biggest in South India.

  29. Asia’s biggest mall is Mall of Asia in Manila. India’s biggest mall is coming up in Gurgaon.

  30. Mall of Emirates in Dubai has 24 lacs sq.ft. retail area and 65 lacs sq.ft total area.

    Lulu’s is 6.4 lacs and 20 lacs respectively.

  31. i proud to tell that my brother is Engineer for this project………

  32. I pass by the mall daily.its an soothing site..Also the widely acclaimed Marriot hotel is looking superb.Heard that it will be completed by Nov 2012.Judging by the progress so far, i am guessing that it would be ready much earlier.I would like to extend my best wishes to this wonderful venture!!

  33. Lulu mall is more than 70% of the world’s largest mall and wait a second I’m laughing at the guy who said Delhi is full of rich people.C’mon you people talk like we haven’t traveled to Delhi.Delhi has more rich people than in Cochin?Whoa Whoa.You must be kidding me right?XXXX understand a fact that the Human DeveIopment Index in Kerala is more than USA and only two countries have it better in comparision with Kerala-Norway and Australia.Now I wonder why the XXXX people are comparing Kerala with slums like Delhi.I’m amazed.Now wait.I’ve been to Bangalore and almost all places in India,while Kerala is fully a metro compared to other states,all are rich unlike in other states where the people live in slums.Have you been to Bangalore?Koramangala is a part of Bangalore.If you have ever been there,even the small towns in Eranakulam which is not even a part of Cochin like Muvattupuzha are way more developed than it.Now Bangalore is way developed in comparision with Delhi when we take everything into account.If Cochin add some more places,I mean the sub urban areas,it will be way bigger than any other cities.Moreover if you can show me people riding LUNA’s like in Tamil Nadu,Bangalore and North India,I bet Keralites are poor.C’mon man,everybody know Keralites spend more than anyone.I showed my uncle that even the post man here got a Maruthi 800 the Delhi uncle got amazed as he has only a Passion 100 although he is the manager of Vijaya bank

  34. yes, the kerala people are more spending than the mysers in delhi. in delhi a marvadi may have 10 Cr, but he won’t even get a car. he is accumulating his money like anything but never have a good food or cloth in his lifetime. but here we proud malayalis are not like that, we will show off like anything even if getting a loan from the bank . that is the different. kerala is a good consumer state.

  35. don’t compare kochin with delhi. each and every foriegn car companies & branded clothings & u name it we have it in cochin. u don’t know the money each year mallu’s spend for shopping . the human development index is far above any state in india. and don’t be stupid to ever ask a question like “will it survive?”. being a person in retail bussiness i know the reason why they opted cochin. the potential is far beyond chennai, banglore or any other malls in india. even if the gurgaon mall may be biggest, the turnover of cochin mall will be 1.5 times more than mall of india. kerla is a state of shopaholics

  36. I am surprised to read comments on Kochi, spread by people who does not know Kochi well. At least they should take pains to find out the facts & figures from authenticated sources, and then comment. Kochi is not the District. The district is known as Ernakulam. It comprises of area –
    From Kochi towards East, upto Vazhakulam – is 60 kms.
    From Kochi towards North upto Ankamali – 55 kms,
    Area towards North – East upto Neriamangalam is – 65 kms.
    Area towards South-East upto Vaikom is 40 kms.
    Towards South upto Aroor is 20 kms.
    Add to it the 66 divisions of Cochin Corporation, which happens to be the heart of the district, containing a population of approx. 7lacs, spread between Fort Cochin and Edappally, which is 25 kms apart, and within a radius of approx. 15kms from Marine Drive, leaving the West which is the Arabian Sea.

    People in Kerala believe in ‘Living in Style’. They spent quite a lot. The per capita income is much higher than any state in India. We are a cultured and educated lot who crave for and excercise peace ful living. And I proudly proclaim that this is a place where one can see a perfect hormony and mutual respect among all relegions.

    For general information, we in Kerala do not have so called villages any where. When one travels out of any metro, after the city limits you start seeing the backward areas or slums. But in Kerala right from Kasargode to Parasala in Trivandrum, its only towns. Please do come to Kerala and explore the beauty and harmony.

    The upcoming Lulu Mall, which is more than 20 lac sq.ft. has been planted in Edappally, on the sides of NH 47. This is a project by Mr. Yusuf Ali M.A., who has got brains and round the world experience. Don’t ever think that he has not done any home work before kick starting the huge project of 1500 Cr. He is a Technocrat who has proved himself time and again in the ‘world arena’. In Kochi also he will defintely prove himself right. This is going to be a marvelous piece.
    I wonder people have the stupidity to ask irrelevent questions like ‘will it survive’. I don’t know the size of other upcomong malls elsewhere. Hence need not do any comparison.

  37. Pradeep, What you said is true indeed. There are no villages in kerala, even you travel well inside kerala, you can see very big houses which worth crores of rupees.

    Every place is kerala is developing and the wealth is distributed almost uniformly.

  38. Ren Joy Mathew

    lulu will b the biggest shopping mall in india no doubt for tat……… definitly its gone be a pleasant surprise for the entire world………..

  39. hey guys im so lucky my house is just 1km away from lulu in edapally.
    icant wait for the start of lulu

  40. lulu is definetly indias largest shopping mall.

    existing largest is phoneix with area of 33 lakh sq ft.

    but when lulu is compared an attachment of a 5 star hotel with it makes totally 38 lakh square feet.

    keralas name of being a tourism welcomed state will definetly lead to attract the foreign customers to the place. tourist from all part of the world are aimed in this project. tourists from gulf countries are in very neighbourhood when looking the geographical position of kerala.

    defenitely it will lead to backing up of malayalies to kerala from other different states & countries. high education level of kerala also can support the development process which can be considered as a fact in strengthning the backbone of such a large shopping mall.

    geographical features is the main reason for all these shopping mall & development comming to kerala. ” please search the geographical specialities of kerala in internet.

    rather than state governments developments, investors look to the state is very high. the main reason is that possibilities of kerala & cochin is still not explored. potential remaining here is very vast.

    sorry lulu’s topic gone to a wide range…
    only to mention why such a large mall is situated in cochin.

  41. If lulu is the biggest from where they are getting money to construct even our indian billionares are struggle for cash flow. Ali is support by gulf Arabs and Iraq arabs for security got joint with him then it is a different issue.

    He is growing at a faster rate but indian politicians willnot allow to grow any person unless they have benefits /corruption. Being a muslim if he can earn so much money why there is still reservation in india and special quota for muslims. Religion politics.

    Black money is flowing to india in a huge way. AS everyone knows all Malyalee are outside India and expect for few. He has given jobs to many people but most of them are muslims.

    Think why this money is not used for the welfare of the society where there are people who eat food once in a week ?