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Debian Jessie’ Released at Technopark>> An alternative to Microsoft’s Windows Operating System for Laptops, Desktops and Servers, Debian released its new version this Saturday. As usual the release is named after a character from Hollywood cartoon movie ‘Toy Story’.

When celebrations across the world mark the new release, two places in the capital were selected for the launch party. The Debian party was held at DBG’s Floor of Madness at Technopark.

Free Softwares like Debian are tools to resist the efforts to stop free flow of knowledge. Anyone can use, learn, improve and share debian.  Softwares that allow modifications by individuals or collectives are called Free Software. They come with legal permissions to modify and share.

Things you do on a Windows installed machine can be done in debian as well. A book in Malayalam detailing installation and use of debian will be made available soon. Technical support can be sought from Free Software communities online or locally. Out of more than a thousand members of the debian project, eight are from India. And two are from Kerala. First release of debian, which was started by ian Murdock in 1993, happened in 1996. Every release is named after characters from ‘Toy Story’.

Debian 8.0 Jessie was released now after two years of hard work. Support for 64 bit ARM and SPARC processors; linux kernel 3.16 series; Libre Office 4.3; touch, gesture and high definition display supported gnome 3.14; VLC Media Player 2.2 are some of the new features of Jessie. All the software in the old release has been updated as well.

Arun M (FSF India) and Ajay Kumar (KSEB) introduced Debian at the Floor of Madness program in Technopark.  Discussion on Net Neutrality lead by Digital Brand Group Managing Director, Deepu S Nath followed by cake cutting celebrations, Debian got released to the free world.

Debian Project Leader Neil McGovern addressed the party over Firefox Hello from England. At Elanagom Gardens program, introduction to Debian and Install Fest held. Along with launch parties all over the world, many places in Kerala including Kochi joined the celebrations.


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