Tuesday , 19 June 2018
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An Easy Way to Dispose Domestic Waste

Has waste disposal become a menace following the Vilappilsala issue? Are you searching for an easy way for domestic waste disposal?  TechonparkToday invites your attention to the easiest and useful way of disposing waste.  You don’t have to invest much on this system.  What you need is just two pipes.

TechnoparkToday team visited the house of retired government employee Mr. Raveendran Nair at Peroorkkada where the ring compost method has been successfully using for the past 3 years.

Two pipes, one-metre long and of 10-inch diameter, have been kept in the backyard, with a part of the pipe, about 1 foot, under the ground.  Either PVC or cement pipe can be used.  Dump any waste, except plastic and cloth, into this and keep a lid (anything to cover. Eg: a tile) over the ring’s mouth.

Do not add water, but it’s okay to dump curries or watery items. For a single family, one such pit would be enough to dump waste for two months.  When it is full, use the second pipe.  By the time it is full, the first would have turned into manure.  This could be taken out for farming.

For the last 15 years, Ravindran Nair and his wife Chandrika have stopped buying vegetables from outside.  Everything, from cauliflower, green gram, lady’s finger, brinjal, chilli, cabbage, amaranthus, ‘puthina’ to snake gourd, have been cultivated from their terrace garden. The ring compost supplies manure for the purpose.

TechnoparkToday readers can feel free to call Raveendran Nair and his wife Chandrika who happily shared their contact number with us. They are eager to help others on waste disposal methods. Call 0471-2438822 or 9495138822 or visit Pranavam, NCC Road, GSSRA-129, Peroorkada for more details.



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  1. This is an excellent article on a method worth emulating! Keep up the good work, and do continue featuring similar useful stories!

  2. It is really very useful article. We can simply set up this method and keep our country clean..!!

  3. Very good article…thank you..keep going

  4. Really good article. thanks for publishing it. we are expecting such useful articles in future too.

  5. Our politicians should be our priority first in disposing.

  6. It is very simple method which can be followed.A request :Why go for complicated,capital intensice technologies in the homes.Trivandrum Corporation should give maximum publicity for this simple method.

    No need of giving any subsidy.

    Attention Govt.Corporation,Suchithra mission etc .


  7. This is good news. I think it’s important for people to understand how important it is to practice more sustainable ways of living. Hats off to you guys for doing what most people thing is difficult, and showing us the benefits reaped from such dedication.

  8. Its really good, appreciate it, but is there any recommendation for people like us who are occupying an upstairs or for that matter living in appartments ?

    As of now, we are making use of some plastic flower pots (the biggest of the flower pots we could spot in the store), and using the same concept as above. In last 3 months we are now almost filled 2 pots, but the first one still doesnt seem to be fully decomposed. Does anyone have any better ideas or at least on anything we can use for quicker decomposition ?