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The Education of Practicing Managers – Executive MBA

As an experienced executive, you are probably managing projects, specific departments or functions, or teams in your organization. You know, and your senior management knows, that you have the potential to grow and take up General Management responsibilities. The occasional Executive Development programs and Management Development workshops may help you to sharpen some of the weapons in your armory, but what you need really is a comprehensive, well-structured program that will help you acquire the complete skill sets required to take up senior management responsibilities.

But circumstances may not permit you to take a couple of years off from your demanding career. And rather than settle for a ‘one size fits all’ compromise solution, you may be looking for a customized program that recognizes your years of management experience and integrates new concepts, applications, and trends with your understanding of business into a holistic process.

Most management education programs are overly depended on the lecture – based method of learning. A case driven E-MBA is quite different and based on a series of case studies. Management is essentially about practice, not merely a set of academic theories. Case studies are developed around real-life situations, in a number of businesses across the globe. By analyzing the cases, you will learn key management concepts through their application in a business context. For example, through a case study on General Motors, you will get to know good deal about the company, about the auto industry, and about Global Economic conditions because General Motors operates in a number of countries across the world. The case study enables you to think and learn in a multi-dimensional manner under simulated conditions. A case study narrates an actual or realistic problem and requires participants to analyze the problem and take a decision regarding it.

You may be already working in a functional area like finance, HR, IT, operations, or administration. By going through a case driven management program, you will gain a holistic perspective of the business. You will develop inter-disciplinary and integrative skills which will help you in your career progression from a functional manger to a senior corporate manager.

There is a myth that it is not possible to do entire MBA program relying on just case method of learning. The answer is MBA program of Harvard Business School which is 100% case-driven. Students at Harvard are expected to go through at least 15 case studies every week.

Executive MBA program offered by Icfai University is completely a case – driven learning program based on experimental learning and self study, for working executives with over 6 years of post qualification work experience. The program is designed to enhance the skills and competencies of talented and ambitious executives, and to prepare them to take up the responsibilities of senior management.

For any further details on the program:

ICFAI Group  – Trivandrum

Phone:  9961776636


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  1. What does MBA means to a company or to a professional? is it really required?

  2. An MBA program is a professional program that can prepare you to enter management and leadership positions in the business field. The advantage is it’s scientifically designed and structured as well..But still people with exceptional caliber can be good Managers / leaders without a formal MBA qualification..That is like you can be pretty knowledgeable person without going to School / College..but requires acute determination…

    Now my answer to your first question: An MBA from a quality institution is certainly a value addition to Organization and staff…It’s not the degree tag – but the content you have learned out of the program which will certainly create a win-win scenario.

  3. MBA or any such professional tags gives some credits to the person as well as company. Company use the tab basically for their marketing but the knowledge you earned from the MBA course is an asset as well.

    Individually, it is a proof of knowledge for a specific designation. There are fraud institutions who give these degrees, especially EMBA but it is not easy to fool the companies as they give more importance to ‘knowledge’ than the tags, when the context is candidate selection.

  4. well said Avinash and Praveen! Nice article as well… keep posting such

  5. Very good article. please keep posting more…