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Techies initiates a movement for using indian products. (Oct, 2016):> A group of IT professionals started a unique movement to save india’s economy by promoting the use of Indian products.

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They says The Indian economy is in a crisis and if we do not take proper steps to control those, we will be in a critical situation. More than 30000 crore rupees of foreign exchange is being siphoned out of our country on products such as cosmetics, snacks, tea, beverages, etc. which are grown, produced and consumed here.

For that they launched a website –, and showcasing good Indian products which meet good quality and compatible to the Multi national counter parts. And recommend using those products. The main motto of the movement is NOT to avoid all foreign goods. The aim is try to use the Indian owned brands if it meets the quality of a foreign counter product – they added.

This is very simple, “For example : When you are planning to take a new phone connection if the signal strength is same for Airtel and Vodafone in your area please take Airtel. The service charge we are giving to Airtel will go to boost Indian economy while the money we give to Vodafone will go to out side India. When you are purchasing tea powder buy Indian brands like – Tata tea instead of a HLL product” – Says Subeesh, an IT professional part of this initiative.

They listed a number of indian products under different categories in their website – “Please try to use those products on our daily use. Surely it can do lot of change in our economy” – They concludes.


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