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How to Speak by Thinking in English? > You might have heard this many times from different people -“You need to start thinking in English!! The only way to cross the barrier of mother tongue influence” or “Start thinking in English, it will help you get a good hold on the language”.But the question that remains unanswered is, ‘How to start thinking in a new language all of a sudden?’

English might be an old language for you, but it’s a new language for your thinking process!!I remember being frustrated listening to the same thing again and again to start thinking in ‘English’. But how? How can I tell my brain to start processing information in English all of a sudden? Silence. All these people can come up with is, you will learn to do it if you try harder. Grr…

But the good news is, it is not as hard as it seems. Just a few tips you get from here and you can do it within a short time. (OK. I am not claiming you can do it in a day or two. NO)Here we go!

Stop using a bilingual dictionary

If you are one who uses bilingual dictionary, STOP NOW. When you are learning meaning of a new word, learn it in English. Not in your mother tongue

Learn vocabulary in phrases

Don’t just learn words, choose a situation where you need to communicate and learn based on that. This way you are learning to communicate in English without waiting to learn the language as a whole

Start using the vocabulary as soon as possible

It is important to use the phrase or a new word you learned in your conversations as soon as possible. Start speaking them aloud at the earliest so as to make it part of your vocabulary

Talk to yourself in English

The best way to start using your newly learned vocabulary. Talk to yourself or talk in your mind to yourself in English. This will enable you to start thinking in English.
Note: How can we make it interesting? Easy. If you are someone who likes watching movies or love to read books, then play the dialogues from your favorite scene in your mind playing different characters. Trust me, you will love it!

Get an English-speaking friend or partner

There will be plenty of people around you who communicates fluently in English. The trick is to forget your ego and talk to them. Many of them will be nice people. Reach out, talk to them, and you can feel your language huddles easing up in a matter of time.
Well, how will you know without trying? 😉


If at all possible, travel to a place where you cannot use your native language to aid you. This way you will be forced to speak and will be surprised to see how well you can handle yourself.

The biggest challenge is dealing with the frustration that comes with not being able to fully express yourself. Don’t be demotivated, think positively and stay motivated. You will meet numerous people from different cultures. Once you make friends, keep in touch with them through social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, or just do it the old way – emails. Having a ‘Pen pal’ has always helped me. Give it a ty. You will surprise yourself.


Author Info: Deepthi George is an aspiring writer and IT professional working in a Technopark MNC.




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