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Techies Feel Happy Over Re-branding Of Technopark!

Technopark Trivandrum Kerala, 2018): After being known as Technopark Kerala for a while, Technopark has re branded it as ‘Technopark Thiruvananthapuram’. It assumes more significant since many global majors stated setting up their offices here. Techies feels happy and positive about this re branding with a flavor and essence of the very own city it belongs to.

When it became operational in 1994, the registered name of Technopark was ‘Electronics Technology Parks-Kerala’. The IT park began to be called Technopark Trivandrum from 2007 before changing its name to Technopark Kerala in 2015. The recent re branding to Technopark Thiruvananthapuram, though was done as a quiet affair, triggered a lot of excitement among techies and city lovers.

“Now all knowledge industries are city-centric. Take any IT park in the country. All of them are known for the cities such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune or Mumbai. Let there be a healthy competition between IT parks within the state,” said Robin Alex Panicker, founder of a software firm Finotes.

“It’s a right decision to bring back the Trivandrum tag, in Technopark branding,  since destination marketing is a substantial part of attracting talents and companies. ” Said Renjith Ramachandran in his facebook post.

“The silicon valley of India, Electronic City Is always known by the city Bangalore and not by the state Karnataka. So as other IT parks like HITEC City Hyderabad, Infotech Park Mumbai, Infocity Gandhinagar, CyberVale IT Park Chennai, Infopark Kochi and Cyberpark Kozhikode, so one of the first IT Parks in India started in Trivandrum should always carry the city name along with the name which should be #TechnoparkTrivandrum” Said Vishakh Cherian to TechnoparkToday

“I’m delighted to see that Technopark has gone back to its roots, tapping into this proven branding model that would bolster its vision and mission. I see this as a pragmatic decision which would make a powerful impact forging professional and emotional bonds! Further, this change in nomenclature is certainly a high-impact decision from a visibility, authenticity and identity standpoint. And, most importantly, it would enhance traction with bellwethers in the IT & Knowledge Industry, catapulting Trivandrum into the global landscape.”  Said Hari Nair, to

“Happy to see the Trivandrum tag is back, since it was so confusing when you say technopark kerala, ” – Said Jose Varghese, an IT professional from Technopark

It was Mudra Communications which initially helped Technopark to brand it as the world’s greenest IT park. Again in 2002 Mudra was reappointed as the agency who rebranded it as ‘Technopark- harmony at work’. There was also a proposal in 2000 to bring in private investment into Technopark by offering Technopark’s assets to private companies and Mahindra Park has shown great interest but somehow did not materialize. From 2011, the government decided to have Kerala IT as a single brand and in 2015 Technopark came up with rebranding as Technopark Kerala. and now its back to Technopark Thiruvananthapuram



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