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Techies’ Short Film BOMB KATHA-2 Touches New Records,2018): A group of techies from Technopark, Trivandrum has come up with a comical satire short film : “BOMB KADHA 2 : The Alien Saga”, which garnered huge applause from people all over the world. The ace film director and entertainer, Nadhirshah had released the comical satire short film.

Jophin has helmed the screenplay and direction and he has taken a dig into the socio- political – cultural scenario through his film. “We have several examples in our society to prove that it is easy to fool people in the name of faith,” says Jophin, the scenarist of the film. It had won the award for the popular film at this year’s edition of QISA, thebshort film fete for techies. The first part of the series, Bomb Katha 1, released last year, was a spoof on cyber warriors.

Bomb Katha 2 - Alien Saga Crew

The cast and crew has current (John Panicker, Karthik Ravikumar, Prasad, Rohith, Binoy George, Anush, Don Bosco, Linse, Sajith ) and former employees (Sarin, Sreejith babu, Midhunlal, Ankur) of Technopark and artistes from Jophin’s native place, Elampal, in Punalur, where the film has been shot. The film is produced by Maju Elampal and Brothers Elampal.

Within 2 weeks of its release, the short film is already viral and has almost garnered 1 Lakh youtube viewers. Many film related pages have already released snippets of the film on their platform and letting people know about the ahort film. Many troll groups have already started taking characters from the short film for creating trolls. A few people from the film industry have already rang up Jophin to congratulate him and are motivating him to helm screenplays for movies.

Join us to congratulate the entire team for their efforts and achievements, and wish them all the very best for their future projects.

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