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Techies Dubsmash Competition 2018 Announced!, 2018): along with its channel partners are conducting a dubsmash competition for Techies to find the hidden talents within you as an actor/actress. your chance to seize a fortune off your favourite pastime! and win exciting prizes too!

Dubsmash competition 2018


Keep reading to know how :

It’s easy as 1-2-3! Follow these steps to send in your entries-
• Make a dub and  send the videos in whatsapp – (91)94978 74551 / (91)98952 66045

• Message further the following details:
Your Name, Company Name, official Mail address and Phone Number

• You’re done! Wait for us to acknowledge your entry. If we send a ‘thumbs up’, congratulations, your entry has
been accepted!

• We will be publishing them in our page, more likes means more chances to get-in! ( but remember, the number of
likes will come to play if judges select two dubs with same marks)

• Wait impatiently for the Final screening day!, in presence of some celebrities from mainstream Film industry!!

Send your entries well before: 31 March 2018, 11.00 PM IST

*** Rules ***

• Any IT/ITES/BPO employee can participte in this contest
• we prefer short videos of size max 1 minutes to 2 minutes max
• Solo or group dubsmash can be sent. but the solo dubsmashes only we consider for the competition. even though all entries will be published for public view
• No use of abusive words or actions is allowed, and shall lead to disqualification.
• participants should provide the details like company name, company mail id, personal mail id, and phone number along with the entry
• Entries will be evaluated by a panel of judges from relevant industry, and the decision of the judges would be final, likes will be counted if two contestants having same number of likes.
• Shortlisted participants shall be informed in advance and must be present at the screening.

Now hurry up! We’re eagerly waiting to see how crazy you can get – dub dub dub!!!


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