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TCS enables “Safe Return to Work” using AI-Powered Software>> Tata Consultancy Services announced that the company will use its new AI Software – IUX for Workplace Resilience, to reduce the risks for the employees and their safety. They were successful in enabling their workforce across 46 countries to work remotely in just a few weeks. For now they have enabled just under 2% of its workforce to return to work.

The new Software – IUX for Workplace Resilience was developed in less than 4 weeks(concept till deployment). With its business command dashboard, IUX for Workplace Resilience improves staff deployment planning by enabling site administrators to monitor the daily risk profile and risk prediction for over 180,000 TCSers in India on a rolling seven, 14- and 21-day basis. Based on the daily risk scores, administrators can decide which of the employees can be safely allowed to return to work, if required.

Moreover the software monitors if PPE use, social distancing norms are followed and tracks the tmeperture of the employees entering the premises. The company has successfully deployed the solution across nearly all of its locations in 19 cities across India, and has planned to deploy in other countres soon.

The software helps enterprises make it safer for employees to return to the workplace amid COVID-19 by combining risk analytics with key business relaunch functions, including workforce safety, regulation compliance, operational resilience, and customer engagement.

“Providing a safe workplace for employees is a priority shared by TCS and every one of our clients who is relying on us to maintain their businesses operations during COVID-19,” said Ashvini Saxena, Global Head, Digital Software & Solutions, TCS.