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Subway Technopark – Eat Fresh, but Pay More?

Can big franchises fix any amount of their interest?  SUBWAY in Technopark feels they can.   Recently, a techie had to pay double the amount for a bottle of water.  Jaison Joseph – A Techie from Technopark, who bought a 500 ml Kinley drinking water from Subway, had to pay Rs 20 instead of the printed price, Rs 10.

When he questioned this, he got a bizarre reply – that it was the mistake of the Coca Cola company!! Jaison feels that this was not a single case. The rate of Pulpy Orange in the same bill is charged Rs 30 when the MRP is Rs 28. Jaison wants all to re-check the bills with that of the MRP, especially when one is buying from Subway.

“I think service charge shouldn’t be added with sealed products?. “It is an offence to sell at a price higher than the marked price” as per the rules,” says Jaison.
How many of us seriously check the bills? How many are aware of the rights of a customer? Do we raise our voice against those who are trying to fool us? “It is an offence to sell at a price higher than the marked price” as per the rules ?  _ Techies says


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  1. it is illegal on subway’s part to charge more than what is printed. More awareness is needed on consumer rights

  2. An eye opening incident, nobody will care about such things normally, and we used to trust such shops, and when you check the bill, then only we can know such things.thanks for the report. appreciating the efforts to bring it in to the lights.

  3. Whatever happened we can’t do anything or we will not do anything. This incident will be added to history once this thread is closed. Nobody even going to have a discussion on this topic.This is not an isolated case. Once we heard that somebody got cooked worm from his lunch from Rangoli. But no action has been taken till the date. We have to suffer for each and everything ( in case of food, travel, accommodation etc) just because of being IT professionals. It seems that some competitions are going on to kick our asses!!!!

  4. This is gross injustice! I’ve had similar experiences from many shops in and around Technopark but i wasn’t aware of the rule “It is an offence to sell at a price higher than the marked price”. I think this is something which needs to be taken seriously(rather than getting ‘used to’ these kind of cheatings). Given below is a very useful link(for logging the customer complaints).
    Consumer complaints can be logged in the site:

  5. The people must know Techies are not broilers to always keep mum..this is the time for action…

  6. I think it is the responsibility of the Park Centre and legal metrology department .
    If people like us are aware of these type of cheating and react , they will come down. Nowadays the Park centre has mearly taking rent and other charges and do nothing for the welfare of the techies. this attitude must be changed………

  7. Hey, What i heard is it was a mistake of the cola company, they printed it wrong for a batch of water bottles.

  8. Its really strange to know that Multinational like Coca-Cola will sell their product with a printing mistake… especially the PRICE…!!!! For all the leading brands in the market, One litre drinking water will cost only Rs.15/- But, Subway is selling 500ml drinking water for Rs.20/-

  9. Anish – are you trying to say that Coke continues to print the wrong labels???

    The other way to put it is – Don’t we pay more for mineral water in hotels, especially Star hotels? I am sure there is a legal approval for doing this?

    Hari – Park Center ought to visit the Wash Area in the ‘International’ Food Court. It stinks, has no handwash, no hand drier, floor is dirty wet, clogged wash basins. Yuck, they call this a Food Court.

  10. Old stock 😉

    Yes, mineral water, not just mineral water but all soft drinks are sold for a special price in most restaurants. And as far as I know there is approval.

    I remember, once I purchased one pepsi from ChicKing which was Rs. 25 /- but same time in the local market it was only Rs. 22/-. And this 25/- was printed on the bottle.

  11. also, there was a label – “to be sold though ChicKing outlets” or something like that.

  12. Yes you are right about the legal approval for hotels and restaurants. In star hotels, they are serving the mineral water in a professional way so that they can take the service charge (ONLY if they are doing any service like Opening the bottle and serving it in the GLASS). But for the sealed product it’s a criminal offence.

  13. When I was in UK I visited Subway. They are providing unlimited coca cola or drinks for a single purchase!! I think this day time robbery is happening only in Trivandrum Subway!! They think that, Techies are fools!! 😉

  14. In UK they can give it even for free because it is very cheap there 😉