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Self Defense and Personal Safety Workshop at UST Global

UST Global one of Technopark’s best, does something they are familiar with – lead by example. In assosciation with and Rampart Services, A Self Defense and Safety workshop conducted at UST Global.

The companies in Technopark have woken up to the need for preparing their women employees to face any situation. There is a heighted awareness of such preparedness especially after the Soumya incident. A seminar was recently organized on ‘Basic Self-Defence’ jointly by Rampart Security Services and TechnoparkToday at UST Global. This is the fourth of such seminars done within Technopark.

Cherunniyoor P Sasidharan Nair, N Prasanth IAS, Renshi Vinod Kumar  and Advocate Anu Nambalikkaran were present at the seminar where about a large number of women employees of the company were present. “As per IPC nothing is an offence which is done in the exercise of the right of private defense,” explained Senior Advocate Cherunniyoor P Sasidharan Nair. He further pointed out though IPC does not define private defense, section 11 [96-106] totally deals with it and further explains to what extent you can exercise it. And also IPC’s Section 100 explains under what life threatening circumstances one can, if left with no other option, even inflict death on the assailant or aggressor and that rape is one such. “When under threat you should be able to do something beyond just screaming, even a firm stare will work,” said this senior advocate who has dealt with many such cases himself.
N Prasanth, IAS who was Sub Collector of Wayanad and now heads The Tribal Rehabilitation Mission, wondered aloud at our society’s idiosyncrasies of where even a man sharing the same seat with a woman in a bus is looked upon as strange. He mentioned how elephants are cleverly kept psychologically controlled by very thin chains around its legs. “It doesn’t move and that kind of mental conquest comes with years of conditioning. So is the case with women.” No question asked on this as if there was a silent consent from all. “And this conditioning is what you need to conquer.”

To a packed hall Rampart Services Head Advocate Anu Nambalikkaran said. “Self-defense goes beyond pepper spray and martial arts. It’s a state of mind and state of living.” He was choosy about words to explain the different circumstances that can put a woman’s life in danger and how today’s society demands a woman to be ALERT and AWARE which can actually save her life. Flight or fight is the natural reaction to danger. But it’s when you freeze that you succumb. He told all to build ‘muscle memory’ by constantly practicing and preparing to face danger so that when under threat instead of thinking, which may not be possible, your muscles will immediately react as you have programmed it.

This was followed by a demo session by Renshi Vinod Kumar of Kerala Shito-Ryu Karate Association. Whether an assailant is near or far, behind you or in front, simple but strong moves can disable him, Renshi showed the fast and effective moves assisted by his partner. “Soft targets which can inflict maximum pain like eyes, nose, ears, throat and groin should be targeted,” he underlined. And under Renshi’s thundering words of encouragement, the girls learned how to turn their hands and legs into sharp weapons. Loud screams accompanied each of their moves. Questions followed and Vinod told each woman to be nothing less than a tigress when under threat which he could see in the faces of some of them already.

The self-defense key-chain ‘Kubotan’ or just a pen can take an assailant by surprise, the girls were reminded. “Don’t forget to consciously breathe when faced with threat” he said as a punch line which helps one to be alert.Holding the free book and CD on self-defense provided by Rampart at the seminar, Sruthi, Reshmi and the group of girls  had only one thing to say in unison – “We feel stronger and more confident now.” And one look at the determined faces of the ladies marching out of the hall affirmed the same. The safety products are available at

“Girls, don’t carry fear but prepare yourself so that you can generate fear in your assailant,” the seminar seemed to convey. Bruce Lee said it right “I am not afraid of a man who can do thousand different techniques in a fight, but I am afraid of him who has perfected a single technique by doing it a thousand times”.

Alexander Varghese, vice president (Corporate Services) and Country Head (India) of UST Global said, “Women have a critical role to play in the world today. A few unfortunate incidents should not cause them to withdraw into a cocoon. It is important to empower women, and that must happen through the cooperation of the entire society.”

TechnoparkToday in association with Rampart Services is offering Free workshop on Self Defense and personal  Safety for IT comapnies. Interested companies can contact us at [email protected] for more details.


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  1. very good intitiative. companies should promote such seminars and make sure that its given to every employee to make sure that they are safe.

  2. Such seminars needs to be conducted at every companies in technopark. and we need to make sure that every single person in, at least in this organization is self sufficient in teh matter of their personal safety.

    good work….

  3. Very good work..and one of my friends who attented the training told us that, it was a very useful one. even we wanted to attend that training. how can we do that? anyone from some other companies are allowed to attend the workshop? please clarify.


    Dear All,

    Kerala shitoryu association is celebrating the 27th anniversary of its main Dojo located at Vanchiyoor American Institute, on sunday, 22nd of May at Central stadium, behind secretariat . As part of the celebration, we are organizing a one day training camp in fitness, karate and self defense techniques and personality development session. The classes are lead by Renshi V.V. Vinodkumar – 6th dan black belt and NIS coach who is familiar to many of you as part of the self defense seminars conducted in technopark campus. There will be sessions especially for ladies on self defense techniques and weight reduction exercises. Any interested person can join the camp irrespective of age . There will be a nominal registration fee of Rs.200/-, inclusive of lunch and evening tea/snacks. The timings of the camp will be from 8.30am till 5pm. This will be an unforgettable experience for the participants. There will also an award ceremony of the latest batch of black belts .

    Please make use of this unique opportunity.

    Contact number :9447713169