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Osyeth- Techies feature Flim Preview at Nila Theater on Sunday (July 19)


osyeth>> Osyeth, a feature film made by a group of like minded Techies, is ready to be released.  The preview show will be held at Nila Theater here in Trivandrum on July 19, 2015 (Sunday).

The idea film making was started back in 2012, when Aabid and Kiran won ‘The best Director’ award in Qisa 2012 short-film competition held in Technopark by Prathidhwani.

The movie was to be based on the book ‘The Hound of Baskerville’ by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This would be a first time attempt in Malayalam.  GCK Potti took up the responsibility of writing the script.

osyth 4
Movie Making with Home-made equipment..

To cut down the cost of movie making, the film was captured into digital format using DSLR cameras and used home made steady cam, trolly, jib made by GCK Potti etc.

Abhayadev, a versatile engineer who made SMD light panel, which was the lighting source for the movie.

An exclusive studio was also created to make the movie dreams real.  Abhay converted a part of his house to ‘A Studio’, where the post production works carried out.  Dubbing, editing ,3D animation etc were done use of open-source applications like Blender, Reaper and Ardour.

Actors include Kuleen, Vinu, Sambhu, Anand, Rohit, Ramesh, Arun, Sukanya, Subha. Nikhil NR of the band ‘Chaos’ tuned the songs, Sherin wrote the lyrics and were sung by Hridhya. BGM was done by Jackson Vijayan, Direction, Editing and grading by Kiran and Aabid, Recording by Abhay and 3D Visuals in Blender by GCKP.

And.. after 2 years in the make, the movie is finally being released on July 19, 2015. The movie makers have invited all to attend the preview.  Entries will be free.

( For details Kiran : 9746400524)


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