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No Trade Unions Please, Techies Feel..!

>>A survey recently conducted by IIM -K, the premier management institute in India, has found that, 43.3 percent of the Technopark employees are against introduction of trade unions in Technopark. Only 28 percent support the idea of having trade unions.

80 percent of the respondents believe that Technopark has contributed to the economic development of Thiruvananthapuram.  Technopark has brought changes to the lifestyle of the area, the IIM -K survey finds.  The survey covered Technopark employees as well as people living in the area.

The respondents of the survey feel Kazhakoottam is not good for shopping.  Also, they say the presence of Technopark has resulted in hike of house rents.

Only 38 per cent believe that an IT park doesn’t pose any threat to health and safety of the people.  As much as 26.32 per cent felt that there are potential hazards that IT parks could pose to public health and safety.  A big 80 per cent of the respondents feel that the development of the IT industry leads to social benefits.  Of these, 75 per cent were outsiders and as high as 96 per cent were those employed at Technopark itself.

They also feel that the ecosystem has triggered a spurt (76.30 percent) in reported inter-caste marriages in Thiruvananthapuram.  The sample size of 135 was drawn from the more than 30,000 employees of Technopark.


The survey team comprised of Mr Anuj Banga, Mr Chandu Lenin, Mr Love Sharma, Mr Sathyamoorthy M., Mr Shivaramakrishnan S., and Mr Yogesh Jakhotia.




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  1. Yes! Thats true.. Why should we need a trade union? Though its for a good cause, it will not be used in right sense. Trade Union will only try to milk the policy and people will lose their jobs and there wont be any new opportunities coming here.. we all know very well know the disadvantages of trade union.. if one is sincere and honest to his duty, everything will be alright on its own..