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Rotten Chicken from ChicKing – a Techie’s Complaint >> We’ve got a mail from a techie working in technopark, about his unfortunate experience with one of the popular food chains. Lots of brands are coming in our city, but do they really care about their customers, or just thinking only about their profits ? we are publishing it here, to make everyone aware about some of the bad practices happening with big brands,  and your rights to question it, if you found anything faulty.

>>On 22/JUN/2012, I visited chicking Trivandrum (Vazhuthakkad Branch) with my wife and 8 year old kid. We ordered for two plates of royal snacks (2 pcs fried chicken each), three golden wraps, frenfries and a plate of nuggets. When we got served, and while started eating the wrap, I felt foul smell from somewhere. At first I thought, may‌ be it was due to the smell from nuggets (which from a distance I am felt bad ) and I tucked the plate aside. Later, when I started eating the fried chicken, I got that smell from the piece I was eating then. When I removed the top layer of fried batter, the meat was “STINKING”. In order to keep my family cool, I just said, I didn’t like the taste (may be its my fault. How can a brand like Chicking serve a rotten chicken). By then, my kid and wife had almost completed the chicken. Though it was late, when I checked their pieces they were good.

Then I called a standby serving boy and told him that the chicken is rotten and stinking. He immediately took that away and came back and served another and his supervisor apologized and stated that the chicken indeed was “Rotten”.  Not only that piece, there were several other pieces in their which had the kind of issue! I enquired from where they get the supply of chicken, they said from Vaikkom. I asked how they are going to manage the rotten pieces, he was clueless. Since all the pieces were batter coated and ready to fry (or already fried) mixed with other pieces, there were lot of other unfortunate customers who suffered the same fate or many other to suffer.

My ref no : IN2212013294,IN2212013315(WHICH THEY MARKED “TAKE AWAY” though we took the meal in the shop itself).  Though they deducted the price for the chicken in full, we insisted that we pay for what we consumed. I have my credit card payment reference as well.

Since I didn’t have enough time to make a voice out there to inform other customers, I did that injustice of silent walk away.

When I checked ChicKing Website, there is no way to send a customer complaint. The phone numbers provided in the site were unresponsive. I sent a complaint to the Commissioner of Food Safety, Kerala State and though couple of follow-ups happened for the same, the status is still unknown.

Later, when I found a page in Facebook for Chicking and its MD, I sent the complaint as a message. I got a call from Chicking head office, Dubai and they apologized for the inconvenience and said their MD instructed then to call me and do that.  They said, they are taking actions on the same.  Again I got another call from their operations head in Cochin and he confirmed there were issues of food contamination and they are action on it.  They also sent a personal message and conveyed that he is taking actions on it.

The so called “actions” are still unknown to me.  It is pathetic that, a food chain which has hundreds of outlets all over India and in more than 14 countries, doesn’t have any quality assurance mechanism or incident management mechanism (in case of food contamination) to assure good and healthy food to its customers.

I don’t say Fried Chicken/Broasted Chicken itself is healthy.  Now, with this incident, it is much worse. Before when I saw hoax emails abusing McDonald and KFC fried chicken, I never imagined that I will face such a real situation of eating a rotten piece of chicken.

Sethunath. U




This techie registered a complaint with the food safety office in trivandrum, Kerala. and he’s got a positive reply from the authorities, and here is the content of the mail.

On Jul 4

Dear Sir,
As per your G-mail Complaint on 23/06/2012, the Squad inspected the “Chicking” on 25/06/2012. Notice has already been issued for rectifying the defects noted at the time of inspection. On the basis of your complaint, two samples have been taken for analysis. Further action in this regard will be taken on receipt of report on analysis. The Squad also inspected Godown of the “Chicking”, behind Taj Hotal at Vazhuthacaud. Approximately 60 Kg. of Chicken mixed with masala kept for Fried Chicken found unfit for human consumption have been destroyed. Necessary instruction have already been given,

Thank you for your complaint.

Yours faithfully,




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  1. manoj sahadevan

    This is horrible. I too had a similar experience, but most of us are not brave enough to lodge a complaint or follow it up. good work sethu, and thanks for publishing it.

  2. I too had an bitter experince with technopark branch of getting an fried cockroach free with fried chicken, gave complaints to them, butno much of use.
    Good Work sethu! We all should raise the alarm of such indecent incidents
    so that they will be cautious in maintaining standerds

  3. Thanks for the post. See, many international brands are providing substandard services in kerala. same thing if you buy it from another place and in kerala – you will feel the difference. our people having a don’t care attitude towards everything. even if they cheated you, we won’t respond. similar news can make the difference. thanks for posting.

  4. What happened to these issues?

    1. Cancer prone Eastern Curry powder
    2. Snake in Maa juice

    All the restaurants in Technopark which we found/ate cockroaches, worms and even nut-and-bolt are running smoothly.

  5. I got a mail y’day from Chief Food Safety Officer, Trivandrum, Yesterday. I have requested for document evidence on the same for verification and publication.

    Chieffoodsafety officer

    Jul 4 (1 day ago)

    to me
    Dear Sir,
    As per your G-mail Complaint on 23/06/2012, the Squad inspected the “Chicking” on 25/06/2012. Notice has already been issued for rectifying the defects noted at the time of inspection. On the basis of your complaint, two samples have been taken for analysis. Further action in this regard will be taken on receipt of report on analysis. The Squad also inspected Godown of the “Chicking”, behind Taj Hotal at Vazhuthacaud. Approximately 60 Kg. of Chicken mixed with masala kept for Fried Chicken found unfit for human consumption have been destroyed. Necessary instruction have already been given,

    Thank you for your complaint.

    Yours faithfully,

  6. Agree with Praveen, i too had lodged a complaint to the TP authorities against Jode’s Cake world, and nothing had happened

  7. Technopark Authorities wont do anything, because thats leased space for the VLinks.

  8. Sethunath,

    We are really proud of you. You had shown an example, how to react proactively. when we are giving our hard earned money, we have to at least make sure that they are giving us something good to eat. In many such branded chains, especially in our country, they are serving sub-standard foods for the international price. such incidents would be force them to serve the standard and quality food. and its our right to question them if they are not doing so.

  9. Good Job Sethunath

  10. raj_technopark


    I hope your are from trivandrum.

    Only trivandrum natives have the guts to bring out to the public, the looting and cheating of such multinational imperialistic forces.
    No such culprits can escape from the eagle eye of trivandrum people. Perhaps, this is the prime reason, why notorious multinational food chains and other consumer outlets show reluctance to invest in Trivandrum.

    Compared to this, natives of cochin and calicut, are slaves of multinational chains. For them it hardly matters, whether they are served with pigs shit or bulls shit, rather glamorous existence of these money looters, matters more than anything else. These poor people, blindly admire and glorify them.

    Good work sethunath.

  11. We have to notice one thing in this – This is not happened by mistake. Normally most of the incidents are happening by mistake – like a fly in the food, or a hair in the food. but even after they came to know that the chicken is rotten, they mixed it with the good chicken pieces, and try to cheat the customers. They could have thrown the rotten chicken and use the good one instead. but they did not wanted to do that, and to make more profits, they mixed with others.

  12. Santhosh Kzhktm

    Really proud of you dear Sethunath. This incident will encourage us to raise voice in such incidents were we are getting exploited and losing our hard-earned money and health.

    Hats off to FOOD SAFETY OFFICER for their prompt action. It is very nice to see the instant action from the Gov. side.

  13. Kudos to the food safety office and the department for the prompt actions. This will boost the faith in the govt systems and in the officers. similar routine inspections should be there with every food outlets in city.

  14. I too had same kind of experience from Technopark Chicking. When i bought 6 pieces of chicken pieces as parcel from there, two pieces were rotten, covered with fresh cripsy layer. As I taken it as a parcel, i couldn’t complain. When i complained about it next day, they never accepted it. I never bought anything from there since then.

  15. Very serious complaints. i’m sure people having similar complaints about other chains as well. the problem is nobody is complaining, thus their faults are still not revealed. so guys come forward and tell others, if you had some bad experience from any vendors, not only the food, but anything else.

  16. Thanks Friends for your support.

    Though look like a bit skeptic, I am doing a follow-up with Food Safety office to get evidence of raid and subsequent actions as documents. Still, this is not in main stream media’s attention and this may help to do that. At the same time, just want to make sure that such an action really happened and authorities above Chief Food Safety officer are aware of this. Shall keep you updated.

  17. Great work Sethu !!!

    Coudl you let others also know the address of the Food Commisioner to whom you sent the complaint ?

    We would need that in future also !!

  18. Chicking in Technopark also serves bad food. Many people frm my company had dysentry after eating their chicken pieces. Please boycott Chicking! We should show what we mean!

  19. Here are the details.

    Office of the Commissioner of Food Safety
    Thycaud PO.
    Thiruvananthapuram – 695014

    Tel: 0471 – 2322833 / 2322844

    Fax: 0471 – 2322855

    E-mail: [email protected]
    Website :

    All of you might have noted yesterday’s incident of “Salwa cafe”. One young man took one Shewarma from there day before and he died the next day. Just imagine what crap these killers supply.

    It was shocking to note that this restaurant was functioning without license (in vazhuthakkad) just under the nose of Food Safety Commissioner office (Thycaud)

    I am visiting their office coming saturday to get the documents o raid and other sample reports (which are still pending from them). Let us bring this incident to main stream media and show open up a serious discussion on this in society.

  20. Tollfree number to complaint against food adulteration which has been annoyunced by the Govt yesterday after “Salwa Cafe” incident

    18004241125 (Food Saftey Commissioner Office) 10 AM to 5 PM

  21. We need more such raids in food stalls in Technopark. Some units like Chicking, Rangoli and Buraq are serving stale food. Many of us get dysentry due to food poisoning if forced to eat from these places.

  22. Is there any way to get the list of Licensed Hotels in Trivandrum ?

  23. gets you thinking as to what is happening with the various government departments.

  24. A few techies had food from Time and again restaurant in technopark, got food poison and one of them admitted in to hospital. they given a complaint to the food safety commisionor. yet the news is not appeared anywhere. technoparktoday, please investigate the incident and publish the news.

  25. Suprising to see a complaint against Jode’s cake world. I am a regular customer of Jode’s and I love their pastries. May be this was a one time mistake from them.

  26. good work Sethu. You did all that was necessary and are still following up on your complaint.

    I have read lots of complaints against many restaurants in technopark . I wonder what the technopark authorities are doing about it …

  27. Sadly, Chicking still continues it’s non-human/non-standard business!

    on 29/Jul/12 evening around 6pm , a group of employees at IBS ordered some evening snacks from ChicKing, Tejaswini Building, Technopark which included 9Pc family meal chicken.

    They received the order promptly around 6.30pm, and as per the bill they paid 639rs/-

    The food they got was of poor quality and had a pungent smell. When we checked in detail, the flesh contained greasy colorless substance totally inedible for human consumption.

    They immediately called up Chicking, Thejaswini, and their shop manager came and accepted that fact that the Chicken was stale. Infact they even agreed that, there were some stale food and supervisor instructed the supply boys to give away the old ones asap!

    They complained to Food Safety Commissioner’s office and still the actions pending!

    Chicking still sell food (With the right mix for the deserving people) 🙁

  28. It is nice that they are accepting their mistake even though there are no known actions.

    Let us boycott all the reported restaurants. Human or restaurant, once it is rotten, it is rotten for ever.

  29. Sethunath,

    I think the people should thank you for this. because even before the food poison tragedy and current hotel raid gimmicks, you only came forward and complain about the stale food. if they take up this issue seriously, we could have avoid such a scene.

  30. I am a techie and when i read the thread I am getting stereotyped against chicking . I am eating chicking chicken for the past 1 year and have never had such an issue.

  31. Even after all these, yesterday I saw the long queue in for ChicKing…Techies were fighting to hog it. I really wonder, cant we do anything about stopping these unhygienic outlets from operating out of Technopark.

    May be that’s a very Big question? Only time will the answer….

  32. please take a necessary action.ASAP..

  33. Mistakes can happen from everyone… may be after 1000 flawless servings one might have gone wrong.. its the case with every food outlet out there.

  34. Could you please the email ID to which you sent complaint. The toll number provided in website seems to be not in use anymore