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Microsoft sells windows 10 in USB flash drives

Windows 10 installation USB drive>> Microsoft may offer an option to buy a Windows USB Flash Drive which can be used to install the new operating system ‘Windows 10’, expected to be launched on 29th July ‘15.

In addition, Microsoft had announced that Windows 10 Home would be available at ~INR 7500 and Windows 10 Pro at ~INR 12600. Windows 7 and 8.1 users can get a free upgrade to Windows 10 if wished to upgrade within first year.

Steps for Windows 10 upgrade are :

-In Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, ‘Get Windows 10 App’ will be available in the system tray(bottom right corner of Desktop) else go to Settings>Check for Updates

-Now Upgrade Menu GUI(Graphical user Interface) of ‘Get Windows 10 App’ opens up. The app will showcase the key features of the new operating system

-Click on ‘Reserve your free Upgrade’, then enter your email address to receive the confirmation email. Once the upgrade is available, Windows 10 will be downloaded to your machine and it can be installed any time.

Windows 10 download file will be ~3GB in size.


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  1. WIndows 10 is still in early stage and there are lots of upgrades going into it, so we should wait a little much more before going to update our older platforms.