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Catalyst offers ‘Face-Time’ with O3+ facials in Trivandrum!

Facial in Trivandrum - Catalyst Spa & Saloon, 2015): For the first time in Trivandrum, Catalyst Spa & Salon presents ‘Face-Time’ – a customized facial package that gets you the right facial for your skin type. In today’s world, your skin faces intense stress thanks to extreme sun rays, fluctuating air conditioning, and lack of proper hydration.  In time, you your skin begins to lose its youthful exuberance and glow. You suddenly become vulnerable to sudden outbreak of skin conditions like adult acne.

This is where 03 skin care products step into help you. Whether it is wrinkles, dark spots, or fine lines now, O3+ is here to help you keep your youthful looks. O3 skin care products are designed exclusively to meet the requirements of all skin types in a professional way. With every ‘Face-Time’ facial at Catalyst, you will get an exclusive consultation with an O3 skin expert and a free home care product to help maintain your post-facial look.

Rima Star, the iconic founder of O3 Skincare™ puts it best when she says: “Since the skin is the largest organ of the body, it is my belief that what is put on the skin should be as clean and beneficial as the food we put in our bodies.”

Here are 6 unique 03 Skincare ways to start looking your radiant best in the upcoming festive season brought to you only by Catalyst Spa & Salon:

1. Absolute Radiance Facial

This Absolute Radiance Facial helps to give your skin a radiant fair look while maintaining the moisture levels thanks to its ingredients of kojic acid, vitamin c and hyaluronic acid. The Absolute Radiance Facial is priced at Rs.1950/-.

Concern – Whitening, pigmentation control
Skin Type – Normal to dry, all skin type
Benefits – Increased fairness and pigmentation control

2. Seaweed Facial

The seaweed facial helps you to reducing pimples and wrinkles. It maintains the hydration level at the same time, thanks to its unique blend of brackish water & minerals. The Seaweed Facial is priced at Rs. 1300/-.

Concern – Brightening dull skin
Skin Type – Normal to oily, acne prone skin
Benefits – Fights with impurities like acne and pimples

3. Diamond Luxury Facial

As the name suggests, clarity and radiance are the outcome on your skin with this facial. It comes enriched with protein and minerals. The pearl powder content in this treatment has properties to restore your skin’s elasticity, give it a uniform texture to skin and delay signs of ageing. The Diamond Luxury Facial is priced at Rs. 2700/-.

Concern – Ultra glow treatment
Skin Type – All skin type
Benefit – Increased shine & glow

4. The Oxygen Facial

The Oxygen Facial gives your skin a rejuvenating dose of oxygen and tightens it.  This antioxidant facial is meant for all skin types and it rejuvenates the texture of your skin, resulting in a smoother and younger looking skin. This is ideal for women above 30 years as well as for those who are subjected to extreme weather conditions regularly. The Oxygen Facial is priced at Rs. 2700/-.

5. Vitamin C Facial

The Vitamin C serum facial from O3 Skincare products leads to brighter, glowing skin. It helps to brightening & lighten the skin while unifying skin tone and enhancing its glow. Vitamin C facial is priced at Rs. 1300/-.

Concern – Fading marks, combating dullness
Skin Type – Dull, all skin types
Benefits – Brighter, glowing skin

6. O3 Detan Cleanup Cost

The changing climate these days takes a toll on our skin. This is where O3 Detan Cleanup Cost to remove stubborn tan on the skin induced by harsh rays. O3 Detan Cleanup Cost reveals a smoother, brighter complexion. O3 Detan Cleanup Cost is priced at Rs. 950/-.



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