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Techie’s pet birds win prizes in national level competition>> Two lovely pet birds of Nandu Narayan, an employee in Technopark have won prizes in ‘All India African Lovebirds show’ organized by Aviculture Association of Kerala on September 1, 2019. The show held at Town hall Kochi had participation of around 200 birds in 25 categories. Nandu’s pets- Turquoise Pied won first prize in its category and Lutino Orangehood Opaline won third prize.

“Both of my two birds won prizes. The birds I kept was a Turquoise Pied and Lutino Orangehood Opaline.

The judges of the show were Mr. Peter Jan De Harder from Netherlands and Mr. Mohammed Nasef from Egypt, two prominent world class judges who have judged various shows worldwide. The judgment criteria is the quality of birds which includes the size, feather quality, color etc,” Nandu said to

“I have been keeping pet birds for more than 5 years, where I started with few normal budgies. A serious interest in the African Lovebirds occurred couple of years ago. I am also a member of Belgium Lovebirds Association (BVA) which is one of the most accredited association in the field of Lovebirds through their affiliated society in India, Bird Keepers Society Agapornis (BKSA). Currently I keep a few varieties of African Lovebirds. My aim is to keep a very few birds, but of the finest quality” Nandu Said.


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