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Matrimore: Technopark-based social start up launched>> Kerala Startup Mission CEO Mr. Tapan Rayaguru officiated the launch of Matrimore, a Thiruvananthapuram – Technopark based startup company, today. The launch was held in the presence of YourStory Founder and CEO Ms. Shraddha Sharma.

Matrimore aims to bring all service, product and tour packages related to wedding events under one roof, with more than 100 service providers already registered with Matrimore. It is worth mentioning that businesses and self-employed people can also join the digital platform of Matrimore. After registering as a service provider, users can create a public profile in Matrimore and list their products and services. Users around the world, especially NRI users, even if they are not in the country, can find the best service provider that is profitable in their hometown through Matrimore. Also if they post their requirements, they can get the best quotations and compare the same, and connect with the best service provider quickly without wasting time.

“Matrimore is a social start-up that benefits those who have lost business or jobs due to the Covid 19 outbreak,” said Mr. Shanavas, Matrimore CFO and Director. Matrimore is a completely free platform and has just launched its first phase. The Matrimore team plans to include advanced technologies such as augmented reality, process automation and virtual reality in the next two releases. “Matrimore is a personal assistant that helps families of all means plan their dream wedding according to their budget. ,” added Richin R. Chandran, CEO and Director of Matrimore.

The launch function was held at the KSUM office located at Technopark and was attended by KSUM officials and the Matrimore team.


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