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Madison Street – A Place to Eat Differently in Trivandrum!

Madison Street is a brand new concept restaurant opened near Technopark trivandrum. It’s a themed restaurant , where they take you back to the concept of 80’s & 90’s food service They are the very first restaurant in trivandrum introduces the concept of flambe service from french classic restaurants of the 1900’s.

Madison bring dishes from all around the world. They do the western style food cooked inside salt crust dishes like whole chicken salt crust and fish. The people who brought pork revolution in trivadrum with pork belly, smoked pork steak, pork diablo and many.

We went there for a very specific purpose – to test their breakfast options. we heard that they are serving authentic English, Polish and continental style, and heard about their famous ‘MONSTER BREAKFAST’. we found that it’s amazing and truly mind blowing experience there.

“We started this with a concept of giving a different dining experience to trivandrum. instead of going to city, we prefered this to be near to technopark, which is one of the fastest growing places in kerala today” – Said Shinel to TechnoparkToday.

” We don’t pre-cook the food but make it based on your order which makes our food one of a kind. We provide a different kind of dining experience in a very authentic way” – Said Mahesh Kumar, the Master Chef of Madison Street to TechnoparkToday

So, if you need a truly authentic & classical fine dining experience with world class cuisines, Madison is the best option in Trivandrum. but please make sure that you reserve the seats in advance, especially for Lunch & Dinner.

Reserve your seats at :  096452 22201

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