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iPhone Prices in India – iPhone 5S for Rs.53,500 and iPhone 5C for Rs.41,900!

iPhone_5S_Price, 2013) > iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C prices announced in India. iPhone 5S will be get for Rs.53,500/- and iPhone 5C will get for Rs.41,900/-. These prices are the launch time price ( as of Nov, 2013), and may change later.

Both iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C will be available in India from Nov, 1st, 2013. The 32GB of the iPhone 5C will also cost Rs.53,500, while the iPhone 5S 32GB is priced at Rs.62,500, and the 64GB version will cost Rs.71,500. The iPhone 4S meanwhile is seeing a price drop to Rs.31,500 for the 8GB model.

Apple is bringing in new hardware that makes it much faster in iPhone 5S, while bringing about improvements in the camera, and also a new technology called Touch ID, which is essentially a fingerprint sensor that can unlock your phone( but reports are already there, that a few hackers group cracked the fingerprint code in the iPhone 5S). It’s also available in one more colour than is the norm for Apple; the phone has been launched with a gold variant which most experts feel will be very popular in Asia and India. Many people in India already booked the golden iPhone. ( that also comes as two variance, the Gold colored one, and the real 18c gold plated one)

Both phones will be available from 1 November with Reliance and Airtel having confirmed that they are going to be selling the handsets from their stores and Airtel retail stores are now letting customers pre-register to buy the phones.

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iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are the most awaited models in Apple iPhone series. iPhone 5S will be get for Rs.53,500/- and iPhone 5C will get for Rs.41,900/-

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  1. Why iPhones are this expensive? how many people can afford it? does it carry any value for this money?

  2. I like the design with less weight ( when compared to iPhone 4) , this is very fast and light weight phone. i love the air drop feature in iPhone 5S. but the new OS upgrade drains battery faster – especially when you use 3G.