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Severe Flooding Hits Trivandrum. Technopark Grapples with Inundation

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TechnoparkToday(Oct,2023) : Trivandrum – the capital city of Kerala, bore the brunt of relentless heavy rains overnight, causing severe flooding in various parts, including the prestigious IT hub, Technopark. The downpour led to the overflow of the Thettiyar canal near Technopark Phase-III, inundating numerous residential areas, including Technopark Phase-I, near the Gayathri and Amstor buildings. The situation became so dire that the main entrance to Technopark had to be temporarily closed due to extensive waterlogging.

Scores of IT professionals living in hostels and paying guest accommodations near Technopark found themselves stranded, cut off by the rising waters. The fire and rescue teams came to the rescue, deploying boats to evacuate those in need to higher ground and relief camps.

Aji Soman, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of IVA Systems Technopark, a Technopark resident for the past 15 years, expressed his concern about the unprecedented rain and flooding. He remarked, “It was the worst-ever rain and flood that has affected Technopark.”

Bhavana Nair, a techie residing in proximity to a paying guest accommodation, added, “Many of us are affected, with no means of escape. Several techies who had returned to their hometowns over the weekend may face difficulties returning if the waterlogging continues.”

Aji Soman emphasized the unanticipated and heavy nature of the rainfall, noting, “The rain was unexpected and very heavy. Many techies couldn’t relocate in time, leaving them stranded in their houses and hostels. Efforts are underway to shift them to safer locations. The primary cause of the flooding was not just rainwater but the overflow of the Thettiyar canal.”

Two other techies, Ramesh Krishnan and Priya Xavier, also shared their insights regarding the situation. Ramesh, a software engineer working in Technopark, commended the infrastructure but raised concerns about external factors. He said, “Technopark is a well-planned and built IT hub. However, situations like this, where external factors like the maintenance of the Thettiyar canal play a role, are beyond our control. It highlights the need for a comprehensive approach to tackle such challenges.”

Priya, a data analyst at a Technopark company, expressed hope and unity within the tech community, saying, “Despite the adversity, the tech community here is resilient. We support one another, and this crisis highlights the strength of our bonds as colleagues and friends. Together, we’ll overcome these challenges and emerge stronger.”

The flooding extended beyond residential areas, affecting the National Highway service road and rendering many vehicles inoperable. As the rains continue to pour, the situation remains precarious, with authorities and relief teams working tirelessly to address the challenges posed by the floodwaters.

The situation in Thiruvananthapuram, particularly around Technopark, serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of urban areas to the increasing intensity of weather events and the need for comprehensive disaster management strategies. The residents and tech professionals in the area are bracing themselves for more challenges as the rains persist, and the focus remains on safety and relief efforts to mitigate the impact of this unexpected catastrophe.


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