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Technopark Surpasses Expectations with Rs 11,630 Crore Software Exports in FY 2022-23, Marking a 19% Growth

TechnoparkToday(Nov,2023): In a remarkable feat, Technopark, Kerala’s state-owned IT hub, has reported software exports worth Rs 11,630 crore in the fiscal year 2022-23. This achievement signifies a substantial increase of Rs 1,855 crores, demonstrating a remarkable 19% growth compared to the previous fiscal year. The premier IT park has consistently earned an A+ stable rating from CRISIL (Credit Rating Information Service of India Limited) for the past three years, underscoring its robust financial performance and seamless transactions.

The sprawling Technopark campus, spanning 768.63 acres with 11.22 million sq ft of built-up space, currently accommodates a workforce of 72,000 employees across 486 companies. In the last financial year, 46 companies chose Technopark as the destination for opening new IT/ITeS offices. During this period, Technopark’s software export revenue from 465 companies reached an impressive Rs 9,775 crore.

Colonel Sanjeev Nair (retd), CEO of Technopark, highlighted the sustained yearly growth in software exports by IT/ITES industries within the park, emphasizing its positive impact on Kerala’s entire IT ecosystem. He attributed this success to the collaborative efforts of Technopark and the state government, coupled with infrastructure development activities by co-developers. Nair also emphasized the vital role played by the city’s robust social fabric, acting as a catalyst for the expansion of the IT sector in the state.

Technopark’s consistent growth trajectory in software exports since its inception serves as a promising indicator of the organization’s vast potential. It suggests a conducive environment for IT/ITeS companies to thrive and underscores Kerala’s emerging prominence as a preferred destination for investments in the technology sector. The organization’s commitment to development and its collaborative approach with stakeholders continue to position Technopark as a key player in the growth of the IT industry in the state.


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