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Kerala Launches ‘Top 100 Series’ to Spotlight Programmers, Designers, and Makers

TechnoparkToday(Sept, 2023): In an ambitious endeavor to supercharge the burgeoning product-oriented startup landscape within the state, the Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) has introduced the groundbreaking ‘Top 100 Series’ challenge. This initiative aims to identify, reward, and harness the talents in programming, product design, and product creation, with the potential to craft technological products that can tap into the global market.

In partnership with MuLearn, a technology-driven talent development platform established by the Group of Technology Companies (GTech), the industry body representing IT and ITES companies in Kerala, KSUM will uncover and elevate the top 100 coders as part of the first installment of this series. This will be achieved through a structured three-level coding challenge, spanning 45 days, commencing on October 1

The Top 100 Coders who demonstrate the ability to help Kerala cultivate a highly skilled talent pool capable of producing technology products with global appeal will be celebrated at the forthcoming Huddle Global event. This event, the fifth edition of an annual gathering, is scheduled to take place at Somatheeram Beach, Chowara, near Kovalam, in the state capital from November 16-18.

CEO of KSUM, Shri Anoop Ambika, shared insights into the ‘Top 100 Series’ during a press conference, stating, “The ‘Top 100 Series’ aims at identifying and recognizing outstanding talents from across Kerala with the potential to excel in three crucial areas – programming, designing, and product creation. We aim to leverage their skills to further fortify Kerala’s thriving startup ecosystem.”

Ambika continued, “The talented individuals we uncover will become an integral part of KSUM’s ‘Build it Big’ project, where they will collaborate on technology products such as software and scientific equipment, designed to compete on the global stage. Additionally, the top 100 performers in each category will have the opportunity to become co-founders of startups in various domains.”

Deepu S Nath, the Convener of GTech’s Academy and Technology Focus Group, emphasized that the Top 100 Series is open to individuals of all ages, providing a platform to foster learning and networking opportunities. This will help bolster Kerala’s robust and rapidly expanding startup ecosystem and position it to seize global market opportunities.

“As Kerala strives to promote a vibrant startup ecosystem capable of producing technology products for the global market, it is imperative to identify and bring together the most skilled talents capable of providing technological solutions,” stated Ashok Kurian Panjikaran, Senior Manager of Business Development at KSUM. “Connecting these talents with investors, startups, and industry players will transform them into a valuable resource pool, while ensuring the state retains its talent.”

The 45-day coding challenge comprises four phases: ‘Portfolio Building’ (30 days) to showcase coding skills and create personal portfolios, ‘Timed Challenges’ (10 days) assessing coding under time constraints, ‘Shortlisting the Top 150’ (3 days) based on coding methodologies and thought processes, and ‘Inviting the Top 150 to Huddle Super Coders,’ where their ability to devise technical solutions for challenges from startups and industries will be evaluated in person.

Top 150 coders, demonstrating the potential to address technical challenges posed by startups and industries, will receive invitations to Huddle Super Coders. An estimated 20,000 coders are expected to participate in the program.

In addition to opportunities like tech co-founder roles, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) positions, and gig work, the top 100 coders will receive digital badges or certificates for professional recognition. An expert panel comprising 20 members will define challenges and review their tasks.

For more information and registration details, please visit the official website at:

KSUM Assistant Manager, Public Relations, Ms. Ashitha VA, was also present at the announcement.

KSUM, the nodal agency for entrepreneurship development and incubation activities under the Kerala Government, has been hosting ‘Huddle Kerala’ since 2018. This event has drawn over 5,000 startups from across the country, along with investors, government officials, members of academia, and the business community.


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