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FREE Investment Awareness Seminar for IT companies in Technopark

Free seminar on Investment awareness for IT companies in Technopark, trivandrum, kerala offers free investment awareness workshop for IT companies in Technopark.  We are associating with many financial advisers and experts to deliver such a high quality and FREE program.

IT is one of the industries offers fairly good salary even for the freshers. Since it is a private and comparetevly new industry – nobody can predict its future. the young professionals are spending all of their money without considering this fact. many of them are even don’t know the value of investments till they meet some need of money – like for higher studies, wedding, or some medical emergencies, or sometimes if they loose their job.

Many private banks and credit cards companies looting the money of youngsters working in IT, and they are falling in infinite debt, and all they have to work the entire lifetime for repaying the debt.

In this scenario, as a responsible media, we are taking a step forward to offer very valuable advice and directions to the young IT engineers about the investment, and how to save money for their future. All of our speakers are financial and investment experts with years of experience and solid investment history. They provide very independent and non-inclined advices  in general about the various means of investment.

Eligibility:- Any Technopark company can participate in this program.

How to Apply :- Company HR’s can experess their interest by sending a mail to [email protected] with subject line ‘Investment Awareness Seminar 2013’



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