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Fishy Smell in Bhavani Troubles Techies!

The unpleasant fishy smell in bhavani building troubles the techies. It is reported that many techies feels difficulty and nausea after smelling it in bhavani building.  The smell is coming from a newly started restaurant in bhavani 6 th floor.

It seems the restaurant haven’t good ventilation in their kitchen, thus the unpleasant smell of frying fish is spreading in the entire bhavani buildig from 11.30 AM to 3.00 PM everyday. Even the non-vegetarian and fish fry fans found it difficult to breath this air. techies are clueless, about to whom they need to complain about it.

“I’m a non -vegitaraian, and it is hard for even me to breath this, and there are many pure vegitarians working in various companies in bhavani building, so just imagine their situation” – said Sijo Varghese, a software engineer from bhavani building

“I don’t know why the  authorities are giving license to such restaurants, because there are many restaurants in bhavani top floor, and they are all working perfect, but the PEPPERS AVG – the new restaurant is making this trouble. it seems they don’t have proper ventilation and thats why this ugly smell is coming out, and spreading the entire buidling and causing troubles to us” – said Sunil Nair, another techie

We hope the authorities will look in to this issue, and take necessary measures to fix it soon.


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  1. “Peppers” fishu fryu fryu
    Techies full cryuuuu
    this-u hotel smellu smellu
    life complete hell-u
    why this fishu-fryu fishu-fryu fishu-fryu di?

  2. Fish smell is not just in Bhavani. It is everywhere in trivandrum and kerala.
    Even native vegetarians are adjusted to this.
    I think one of reasons for poor investor interest here in kerala can be attributed to thw hardcore non-vegeterian food culture of kerala. Majority of people in other parts of india are either occasional non-vegeterians and pure vegeterians. So people who come do business and job have tough time in adapting to this “cruel and violent” culture.

  3. Sooraj,

    Fish smell may be everywhere in trivandrum, kerala or all over india, but here the problem is the current situation in bhavani is horrible.and that too is making a specific restautant – the peppers.

    there are many other restaurants in bhavani top floor, and most of them are also frying the fish every day, they are 1. Rangoli, 2. Time and Again, 3. the 7 Fish. but no such incidents were reported from anywhere else other than peppers. So the problem is poor ventilation or the kitchen design.

    Let them make necessary arrangements to solve it like any other restaurants there… Techies are here to work and we need a good working and healthy enviornment since we are spending most of our day here only.

  4. its very disturbing even for a non-vegan like me. how could somebody work in an unpleasant atmosphere. TP authority should look into this matter. DONT MAKE THIS GREENISH TECNOPARK to A HELL…!!!!!!

  5. Thanks for publishing a timely article in technoparktoday. we were discussing for last two weeks about this, and not very sure about to whom we need to approach. we talked to company HR and they told us, they will inform the technopark authorities but no actions taken so far.

    the smell of frying the fish is disgusting for all of us. its there from noon to evening. bhavani is a closed venue, so the smell won’t go easily. for us its very difficult to go out during the 11.30 – 2.30 PM because of this.

  6. even one of our clients were asking from where this foully smell is coming. please make arrangements to resolve it. it became a big problem.

  7. Appreciate technoparktoday for the article.

    Any actions from authorities/restaurant so far? Nearby companies please raise official requests.

  8. Thanks technoparktoday for speaking for techies, we were suffering this ugly smell for the last one month, and haven’t any idea about how to complain or to whom to complain, some of my friends told to the restaurants owners, and their response was just a smile. so at last we have one media to raise the voice for techies. thank you so much, and hope the authorities will take appropriate actions.

  9. Hope the issue is addressed, please update the details…

  10. The fishy smell wasnt there today. Seems like the restaurant authorities have done somthing to eliminate the bad smell. Thanks to Technopark Today..

  11. @Sooraj,
    What you mean “cruel and violent” culture ? Are you insulting Keralites ?
    You better move your f**ked ass out of Kerala.

  12. Selva_technoparK_madurai

    “You better move your f**ked ass out of Kerala. ” Very Bad words.

    Such indecent behavior should not be tolerated.
    Requesting Technoparktoday to ban sagar from further posting.

    Also requesting sooraj to avoid words which insult any region, state, religion cast and creed.

    I am from tamilnadu a vegetarian, joined technopark in early 2000. Even I don’t like this non-veg culture. But cannot help. One has to adapt. No otherway.

    Trivandrum is now far more improved than what it was in early 2000. Area around technopark has good no of vegetarian hotels. With large no of techies moving to trivandrum, years ahead will see more multi-cusine restaurents and hotels in trivandrum.

  13. I think this is their business trick to attract more customers; there wont be any fault in their kitchen construction! They think – “more smell more customers” 🙂

    Same situation in Thejaswini building too. But its really horrible to work during this time.

  14. @Selva,

    But you really understood, why the bad words came from my side.

    If Sooraj can say sorry to all Keralites. I can definitely apologize for using those bad words.

  15. The same fishy smell appears everyday in Gayatri from the Mojo(now Peppers) restaurant.They use heavy exhaust fans to push the smell and smoke out of their kitchen into the basement of the building.The smell spreads through out Gayari every noon when they are preparing fish fry.

  16. It seems peppers is the problem everywhere. may be they are using the same process everywhere. I wonder why only the peppers don’t have proper ventilation facility in their restaurants?

    Technopark authorities, please make sure that every restaurants are running without making any disturbances or inconvenience for the techies working here.

  17. frying fish smell is very disturbing like a vegitarian person like me. i’m working in infosys, bhavani building, and it was a curse for me for the past one month. thanks technoparktoday speaking for us.

  18. thanks technoparktoday, there were no fish smell in bhavani yesterday, this is the real impact of the news.

  19. After the report, yesterday there were no smell, but as a revenge, today there were some nasty smell. technopark management should take necessary actions for negligence. we techies are not here to breath the rotten fish fry.

  20. Boycott “that” restaurant

  21. techies, go and complaint about this to technopark CEO.

  22. Please update the progress.

  23. Dear All! I think you can log your complaints here!

  24. After a gap, this fishy smell is agian hitting bhavani building. some days the smell is too horrible, and nobody can come out of the rooms. please do something towards it.