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Employability Enhancement Program for Professional Colleges at Technopark

Faith InfoTech, a company based out of Technopark and Lourdes Matha College of Science and Technology, Trivandrum have signed a MoU to provide IT Industry Practice for the college students, during the course of their Professional degree.

The uniqueness of this intervention is that, candidates would have continuous opportunity to work in the IT industry environment by doing short internships of one week each at Technopark during each semester of their professional degree.

The emphasis is, on understanding industry best practices, learning by doing and systematic approach to real world problem solving. The professional exposure to IT Industry environment, Technology and Process would result in increased confidence and motivation of the candidates, thus bridging the employability gap between academia and Industry.

Lourdes Matha College has adopted this program, concerned as it is about the employability of its students. Faith InfoTech now intends to extend this program to other professional colleges which are concerned about the employability of their students.

India produces about five lakh engineering graduates. Roughly 35% of them are computer engineers. We also have about 25000 MCA graduates who too would be aspiring for IT jobs. Less than 1 lakh candidates from the above pool would be considered as employable by the IT industry standard. Large corporate and industry bodies like NASSCOM as well as private entrepreneurs have launched various interventions to address the employability issues. Soft skills training in the colleges, Training of faculty by industry experts, Sabbaticals in the industry for academicians, and finishing school programs by government and individuals are some of the common initiatives. The intervention launched by Faith InfoTech is unique due to the holistic approach, process, design and implementation of the program.

Faith InfoTech, located at Technopark, is ideally placed to play this role as it has been focused on training and related services for fresher and working professionals for over a decade. The company is led by professionals, with experience in some of India’s largest IT companies and distinguished track record in training IT professionals. During the current year itself the company has trained about 300 professional graduates in Career Programs. Over 1000 candidates trained by the company work in Technopark companies.

The Press Conference is addressed by:
1) Mr.Saji Joseph – Director & CEO – Faith InfoTech
2) Mr.K.Lalitha Prasad – Director & Chief Consultant – Faith InfoTech
3) Mr.Alex Varghese – Director -Learning Services.
4) Rev.Fr. Dr. John V. Thadathil – President – Lourde Matha College of Science & Technology
5) Prof.K.Thanappan Nair – HOD – MCA Department, Lourde Matha College of Science & Technology


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  1. Such programs will help the students to learn the industry standards and related practices during their education. good initiative…