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Diaspora Yathra Flag Off @ DBG on Jan 28

diasapora>> January 28, 2015:  On International Data Privacy Day (28th Jan, Wed 6:00 PM) let’s join together at DBG (Digital Brand Group), Technopark to raise awareness on privacy and data protection.

Diaspora Yathra led by Praveen Arimbrathodiyi is going to be the largest awareness campaign in the country.  This journey will cover tons of schools, colleges, companies and public places across the country building awareness on the global importance of privacy and data security.

Diaspora is a free software, anyone can view, copy, modify, or share it as they wish.  Diaspora is not run by a single central authority. Instead, anyone can run the Diaspora software on their own server (called a diaspora pod) and these pods can communicate with each other, thus forming one single community that is spread across thousands of servers worldwide. This makes it resistant to take downs and also gives us better control over where our data is saved.


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