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Car Tyre Punctured – A Lady Techie’s Complaint against Security Guards>> It is an account of a bad experience faced by a lady employee in Technopark.  TechoparkToday shares her complaint mail that has been forwarded to us.

“There are many security guys over here, who are very helpful and co-operative in the technopark and who behaves very well to the ladies, but this is about some people who are like kittens to men and roar at the women.”

I do come to techno-park daily by car from Palayam.  Usually I park my car in front of Thejaswini Building. I don’t usually go down to -4 parking area, as if I have to leave from office late, then at that time, nobody will be there at the parking area and also there are many dogs which turns out to trouble me. Again there are incidents where the other cars will be parked on the way, not allowing me to move my vehicle.  Hence for the ease, I park on the above said area. Now that one portion of the parking area in front of the Thejaswini building is restricted not to park (I don’t know why it is closed?), I have to go to parking area between the park center and hostel.

Now comes my issue.  Around 4 months back, I had to raise my voice with a security officer,  for weeks, on not allowing me to park anywhere in front of the Thejaswini building.  He restricts some area by rope, when I was about to park the car since I was late, I went near park center and later I could see that he allowed another guy to park in that same area, saying that he is a man and I couldn’t make him obey.  Is that I should suffer, just because I am a lady ??? this went on for weeks and once when I took my car at 6 p.m.  I couldn’t get control on my car, it was going here and there, I parked it near IBS and found that front tyre was punctured.  The next day, I went to the mechanic and he said that the tyre is completely worn out and that I have to buy a new tyre.  Mechanic said that it was damaged as if it was being squeezed by some sharp metal. When I parked it in the morning it was not having any issues, then how it happened, it is still a mystery. I can’t spot anybody on this issue, since I haven’t seen anybody doing that and I couldn’t complaint against that security just because he was always troubling me with the issue of parking, so I remained silent.

Yesterday, Since there was no place in front of Thejaswini, I went to my usual place near park center. There rope was tied, saying not to park and it was raining very much. So I parked it outside the rope tied area and was about to leave the car, then one security came running from the park center saying not to park.  I asked, since I had parked outside the rope tied area, then what is the issue.  He said that fire drill is to be conducted and hence I shouldn’t park there. I could see many other parked over there and why only me ? He shouted saying that it is blocking the way. I had parked by the side of the way and was not on the way to the steps to the open auditorium. Then since I was late to office, I said, you can call me, if you need and for the time being I’m leaving, saying this that I left to office.

Since I had an appointment with the doctor, I left from technopark around 5:30 pm, in the evening and I noticed that back tyre was having low air.   Since I was in a hurry, I went with that towards the hospital and as I reached Pattom, one of the bike rider told me that back tyre is punture!!. I then left my car inside the hospital and reached back home. Today morning, my husband called the mechanic and he said that tyre and tube is having no issue. The thing is that the tyre was simply flattened!!!!. I do fill air twice in a month, then how come the tyre got flattened?? Also in the morning one of my colleague was with me, who helped me to park it correctly. If the air was low, then he should have noticed that.   How come a tyre get flattened between 10 am and 5:30 p.m ?

It is done by somebody purposefully – really cruel revenge, and that too to a lady- what happens if was above the speed limit??  Playing with somebody’s life, doesn’t seems to be acceptable.!!

Anyway, here also, I couldn’t complaint or spot anybody as I didn’t see anybody doing it. But if something happens inside technopark that too after such an incident, whom should I complain and what should I do? (we do remember that security guys face).  But I would like to mention this incident to authorities.

Deepa John


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  1. sajitha v kurup

    Deepa, Thanks for coming forward and sharing your experience boldly. We are seeing similar stories from the security guys in technopark. and many of us are facing bitter experiences also. but nobody is ready to give a complaint. things should be changed. and thanks for sharing it.

  2. I had a horrible time with security guards at Infopark. The issue was the no smoking zone. If someone wants to have a quiet smoke why can’t they provide a smoking area instead of instructing security(lady security) to go tooth and nail after smokers? Leaves me wondering. 😐

  3. Orange, Even in technopark people are smoking in public. even in the buildings after lunch. but do you think it can be justified? anyway, don’t move away from the topic of this post.

  4. Lady, are you sure that you parked the car normally? most of the girls don’t know how to park a car even now. they are the trouble makers most of the times.

  5. In this case I don’t think the security person can be blamed. They are working as per their officers’ instructions. In all these cases, Deepa was doing some thing against the rules.

  6. @Prakash: If deepa is doing wrong against the rule, puncturing Tyre or flattening the Tyre is the right way to make her obey rules… This is utter rubbish , The park securities are acting like super bosses. I think these guys need to be first trained How to behave with others politely and calmly.

  7. There are no rights for the security guards to flatten the tyres, especially a car which is driven by a lady. They dont have any such RIGHTS.

  8. Most of the security persons are youngsters who DONT KNOW HOW TO BEHAVE.. Culture less fellows always watch ladies and if possible they will show there CULTURE also.They think techies knows only computer knowledge( “Buji”)and these security guards think themselves as GOONS .

    And here , this lady had the right to park anywhere in open place unless that area is not booked.

    What to do is technopark authorities would terminate those local security guards and appoint ex-service mens.

    And provide Cameras in each and every corner of the campus.Then autorities can watch the activities of these Culture Less Security guards and take actions directly without any written complaint from techies.

  9. I do agree that securities should be trained to behave gently and professionally. Once I have noticed that a round shaped dent on the front door of my car. My mechanic checked and confirmed that it could be due to someone leaned against the door resting the entire weight of his/her body towards the door. (I spent around 2000/- to repair the door) Many a times I have noticed that securities lean against parked car to read news papers, smoke, talk over mobile phone or just to stair at the nature. I have also noticed a few techies grouped together around a parked car / bike under the tree, lean against the car (sit on the parked bike) to chit chat, smoke etc. It is important to respect each other!

  10. Friends,

    I had just posted my experience and would like to share the same among everybody…and Yeah I do accept your response, people will always be there on the two sides of an issue.

    But this is really really, pathetic attitude of people including the securities and techies towards all ladies.

    There may be ladies making troubles, and that category of trouble makers do include some gentlemens too, it is not reserved only to ladies…

    I had started the race with the roads since 1999 and is having more that 4 years of experience in driving cars. I havent made a single road accident since now both by riding car and two wheelers..

    Just because that I’m a lady, how come, you can blame me that I’m a poor driver and dont know how to behave?? or to park properly. How can you judge ladies like this? Ladies are more alert while driving , because they do think of their family, childrens.. who are waiting for her at home, more than a man do..

    U people can ask those securities in front of thejaswini about me (they do recognize me by my name) – they will tell you that, I do consider others and do park in such a way that there is room for others..

    For any reasons, doing harm to make anybody come in the right path, is it justifiable.?? I’m not pointing anybody, I’m just sharing my experience …

    I’m really surprized to see the conflicting responses and thanks for everything … njoying…

    Thanks for all your response..
    Deepa John

  11. Agree with Anaka, puncturing Tyre or flattening the Tyre is not the proper way to respond, there is nothing wrong in giving a warning, followed by a fine

  12. Deepa is absolutely correct. Good drivers and bad drivers are not gender specific issues. Friends let’s not deviate from the main point of discussion. I strongly feel that, majority of our security guards need to be trained and before appointing them, their antecedents should be thoroughly checked. If we are violating any rules let them be firm but they should also be polite.

  13. Tyre flattering tyre is not a gentleman act in any case.

    Since security personnel are well known for petrol-theft, this revenge act also can happen.

    @Deepa, if you know the person, then compliant to Technopark authorities via your HR. Some times it works.

  14. Santhosh Kzhktm

    Day before yesterday, a cab driver manhandled a security guard in-front of Thejaswini building for deflating his cab tyre.

    The security guard not allowed the driver to park his cab in the parking area, left side of thejaswini building, but he parked the cab and left the place. After a while, he was standing infront of the waiting shed (opposite to Thejaswini building) and talking with other drivers, fortunately noticed that the security guard deflating the cabs tyre. The rest of the incident was very thrilling ….!!!

  15. Funny thing is that, the technopark authorities have no vision , or they are just letting it go like that.. without minding the concerns of employees… Couple of months back we could see the parking area infront of the SBT building has been blocked for no reasons.. the area kept blocked for almost one month.. Later they removed the block and allowed to park vehicles over there. Now the position moved next to that (where it is blocked now),. One thing I could not understand is the reason behind blocking the area, and it is blocked only during the peak hours (morning to evening) and by evening you can see lot of vehicles parked over there. So is it just to create trouble to employees who are now struggling to park there vehicle safely.???????

    TP authorities should address such issues immediately….

  16. If the security were purring at men and growling at women, then the lady security at Infopark are the ones who are roaring at both men and women here. I see no gender issues at all. Just a figment of imagination, Deepa….

  17. The security men there have been asked by higher authorites where to allow parking and where not.As such ,secuirty men are not responsible for our poor parking facilities .They are also just like us who come obey and go but with lesser salary.Have the security been advised to deflate the tyres by the higher authotities is the question .If they are being asked to do it is quite uncivilized form their part.If the security men do themseves these henious acts they should be stopped from doing so .What about among us who park vehicles at no parking areas.which lead to big trouble.

  18. This “tire-puncturing” phenomenon is nothing new. It has been happening over the years. We have even sent complaints to Park Center. All they did was defend themselves. I remember this one instance when an employee had to fly to a customer location at short notice and he left his car in the -3 parking. When he got back after a week or so, he found metal objects nailed into 2 of his rear tyres and guess what one of the responsible id**ts said “our security will never do this and this must be a puncture”! Well, it may not be security and could have been someone else too but then who is that someone else and why is that happening when there is “security” all over…

  19. Technopark is having the worst parking facilities for any IT parks. lots of buildings, but no adequate parking space for the vehicles. What kind of development is this?

  20. Why dont we take up this matter to TP administration or some one .

  21. Deepa glad that they have only deflated a single tire. No no dont feel offended. Please continue reading. I also had similar experiance with my car in the Nila building parking lot. Once it was with my previous car & this happened 3-4 yrs back. I do admit that my parking was not proper & I had parked crossing a yellow line. Evening when I came to pick up my car I found that one of the rear tire was out of air & I was under the impression that it was a puncture.Suddenly someone came asking to me whether my car tire also got deflated & I was actually wondering what was happening. He asked me to take a look at the cars parked near my car. I was shocked to see that I was not the only victim. 2 cars parked near my car , their tire was also deflated & the worst part was for one amongst these cars, 2 tires were deflated.I was lucky that they had deflated only a single tire & I had a spare tire with me. Imagine the case of the person whose car’s 2 tires got deflated. Though I complained it to the security personals there ,they were telling that it was my fault to have parked in such a manner & they dont know who did it. Later I came to know that the security personals do have this kind of cheap practise. Again last year I had a similar experiance with my new car which was only 1 week old at that time. I had parked it properly (this time I was really careful) in one of the Nila parking area & again by evening when I came back to pick up my car , the tire was deflated & this time also there was one more car parked near my car which had this same experiance. Again I called up the security person who was designated for taht particular area & asked him why a security is being appointed there when such incidents are happening in such an open area. Now comes the funniest part. In this particular so called ‘car’ parking area, there was a small area occupied by some bikers & I had actually parked my car in the area where these bikes used to park. As I came early that day, I didnt see any bikes there & I parked my car.After all it was a Car parking area The security personal was telling me that someone amongst the bike owner might have done this. I was wondering how they could allow bikes to park in an area designated for 4 wheelers. Well at that time there was ample space for parking bikes elsewhere in and around Nila. There are many effective ways for warning offenders other than this tire deflating. How much would it cost the Technopark authorities to buy some chain & lock and lock such cars. The owner will be forced to get it unlocked by contacting the proper authorities & they can fine the offender or issue them a warning. By deflating the tires they are really risking others life too. Untill & unless these securities are properly educated /trained things are going to get worse day by day as the no of new vehicles are in the rise. Restricting parking to Tehnopark members only would be a temporary solution for this . Now most of the cabs are also parked in the common parking area.

  22. These securities are totally unprofessional guys. They sit infront of ATMs, office entrance with playing music on their mobiles. dont even know the work place ethics, At times i have seen them sleeping on the sofa in the reception..

  23. This is high time to put some good cameras in every parking space in technopark and other important places. technopark people are sleeping and they don’t know the risks and problems faced by the employees of such a huge organization.

  24. Authorities must provide their securities “wheel locks” like in other countries if they are really interested in catching the vehicles in non-parking areas. They can impose fine instead of deflation which is a dirty old school trick.

  25. Technopark Securities are now a days insulting the employees. Last week I joined a new company in Technopark. They given me a temporary

    ID Card. The next day I was blocked at front gate by the so called security guys, wasting my 15 minutes time. I sincerely explained to them that this ID has printed name of the company and its valid, but

    they are not hearing anything and just saying its not valid valid. And one security guard at front gate sayign blindly like a child its not valid,

    its not valid. Shame on these type of securities!. Pakka total waste to our country. And while I was debating with him on the validity of ID

    card, several byke passengers bypassed the security(without showing their ID even) and entered the park. This shows the security of Technopark

    Security guards wont check your ID if you satisfy any of the following conditions.

    1: If you come to park in byke with a fake ID Card, with a women seated behind, they wont even dare to ask you were is ID card.

    2: If you come to Park in TechnoExpress or Volvo, no one will check you.

    So without implementing proper securities, We employees beg not to interfere in our work. Several days the security guards at front gate wasted my time(mostly 15mts) or more in name of ID Checking

    They are not having the brain to think that its the company which we are working is paying the rent and paying their salary. So please dont put a show off and implement some valid security

    measures. Security is for the help of employees not to insult or disturb them.

  26. I do have bad experience with the security in Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram

    I have been working in the Technopark for the last 14 years..its very disappointing me that such offenses are still happening…Today April 8th 2014, during my lunch break time I went to SBT, Technopark branch, the parking lot was very tight and i can’t find any space other than the space allowed for Thejaswni Fault Attends employees, I told them that within 10-15 mts I will come back from bank, and they allowed me to park there. After around 20 mts when I came back I took my vehicle and went around 500 mts from there my vehicle got stuck and it went completely off, as a lady I was very much tensed and don’t know what to do..thank God!!! no other vehicles were coming back, otherwise definitely u all people can hear a sad news…I pulled my vehicle and put it into my office premise and called my husband for help…when he came he saw that the choke cable wire has been broken by somebody…imagine such kind of fun with ladies….its very shame to say that we are not safe….I paid around 750 r.s. for maintenance…how these people can do…(those guys names are SreeRaj, Rajesh and the third guy..he went to background of the screen, think might be that guy..all are Thejaswni Fault Attend Employees.) anyway this is the security that we are getting…I complained with a written complaint regarding the same to SBT Technopark Branch Manager…pls take necessary action and avoid such offences…you can clearly pickout that bad guys from the CT cameras…if you want to check ….expecting your support…Raji Biju, QA, Seaview Support Systems