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A Bitter Experience at Thiruvallam

“Last day the experience I had at Thiruvallam Parasurama temple was really a shocker for my family and me” ” saying Sunil Nair, a Technopark employee.

A close relative of me passed away in February last year and his family came down from Madhyapradesh to offer first annual rituals at Parasurama temple at Thiruvallam. We reached there carrying the memories of the deceased one that immersed us in grief. We were issued the ticket at the office and we reached the area where Balitharpanam was being done. After reaching the Mandapam, we saw one young Priest performing some rituals there with people who had reached there. The moment he saw us, the priest started muttering us saying, “who asked you to come at this time.” We were shell shocked at this arrogance since we had no haughty experience at any religious sites before. We kept quiet and uneasily waited for our turn though the grumbling continued. The departed one’s very close relatives were there, could not help themselves and started sobbing. Somehow, I was able to console them. When our turn came and once the rituals started, the priest showed his true colors. He began to mutter more and more even when he was performing the rituals fully violating the procedure. Mantras, Slokas all turned into vituperative railing for us. We were all astounded, and we wished to get things got ended as soon as possible. Once it got over, all our religious beliefs that performing rites there would satisfy the departed soul got wiped out.

On the other hand, we all turned into disbelievers. If we were late, then they should not have issued the tickets. As they issued tickets, it was their duty to perform the procedure sincerly, Sunil told to TechnoparkToday.



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  1. All these rituals are just the procedures to make some money to so called priests and dewasaom board. Who believe in all these and going after such rituals are getting fooled, and this is the time to stop such stupidness.

  2. Hundreds of people do this in group and I have never noticed this.

    In this case, if the ritual was done on individual basis, I am ignorant. Regarding time, usually 6am to 8am is peak time.

  3. A lot ,more negative, have been said in media about Thiruvallam.Still the Devasom Board has not waken up from their slumber.These type of incidents keep away genuine believers from such places. Now the e ,most religious places have become commercial centres.Musical system blare out thundering the entire temple area.Once the festivals are over the entire area is littered.If Gods have failed to control these negative activities , believers should step in collectively to make sure matters happen there spiritually.

  4. It’s time for Dewaswom Board (DB) to clean up. Don’t take it upon yourself and turn to a non believer. Use these avenues until DB get’s it and make changes.

  5. I believe since we all are Technopark employees, we expect professionalism in each and everything that we do. Time will come when people send email and expect acknowledgement even from roadside sellers.

  6. I went to the mentioned temple couple of months back.I actually felt as a nice place.All priests was very helpful,although we had to wait for a long time to get our turn.May be you entered the place at the wrong time,as the ritual is a long one,you may stepped in the middle of a session

  7. Wow – that would not have been a sane experience by any standard and I can empathize with you on that. Hopefully the energies of the temple and the serenity of the surroundings in some way assuaged the arrogance of the priest! As far as the authorities, I do not expect any reaction other than mute indifference, as is the ilk of all political / government run organizations, globally.

    However, rather than succumb to the situation and put your very personal spiritual beliefs on the block, why don’t we find a possible solution by escalating your family’s unhappy experience – at the grass root level. Print out your posting at the Techno park today, web blog, with a simple 2 simple Yes / No answer question (Do you think this is how a bereaved family’s experience at a revered temple should be ? – ) as a petition for change.

    Collect as many signatures as possible from both friends and family along with all the comments, send it out to the main office at the temple and tell them unless you get a response from them you will go public. It is these small personal steps that we Indians, fail to take, both individually and collectively to strengthen our social fabric that so damages our society. If only every Indian is willing to offer socially -a small percentage of what they strive to do personally for themselves, be it monetarily or in sweat equity – India would be that WORLD power she so seeks to be! Let us make a start. NOW.

    I will be more than willing to work with you.

  8. There will be something wrong in this. I am telling this because for the past one year i am visiting the temple for father’s Masambali ritual. I didn’t have or seen such an incident and all priests and authorities are really helpful out there when compared to other temples.

  9. Blame the ritual, not the religion!