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73rd FAYA:80 – A Closer Look into Kubernetes>> Kubernetes has been massively popular among DevOps community for quite a while now. Popularly known as K8s, this container architecture platform is a massive open source project started by Google. It’s portable and extensible platform for managing containerized workload and services have received worldwide renounce over a very short period of time.

With more features and changes being made almost everyday, now would be the best time to get on with Kubernetes, if you haven’t already. Learn how to create platforms to run application containers across hosts at the 73rd FAYA:80 Trivandrum.

The session will be beneficial for all technology enthusiasts, coders, managers, entrepreneurs and hobbyists to gain in depth knowledge on the ever-proliferating field of Kubernetes.

Registration is free but seats are limited. Click here to Register :

Topics covered

An overview of Docker
An introduction to Kubernetes
Anatomy of a Kubernetes cluster
Kubernetes Control Plane
Where should I use Kubernetes

Date and Place –
12th June, 5:00 pm at the Floor of Madness, FAYA, Tejaswini -1, Technopark | Trivandrum.

About Speaker –

Nikhil Krishna(Solution Architect, UST Global)) is a software professional with over 18 years of experience in IT consulting and product development, spanning a wide variety of business domains. As a solutions architect, he works on building infrastructure and practices to support rapid prototyping requirements for the Infinity Labs @ UST Global. This involves the setup of a rapid prototyping workflow involving containerization and container orchestration on multiple cloud providers on a rapid scale. He supports multiple initiatives in the blockchain space and works on questions involving data privacy and trust.

About FAYA:80 (Read as FAYA PORT 80)

FAYA:80 is a monthly technology hangout for technology enthusiasts by technology enthusiasts to break the ice, analyze and evaluate emerging trends in technology. Held on the first, second and third Wednesdays of the month at Trivandrum, Kochi, and Kozhikode respectively, the series stands for Free Knowledge Sharing and aims to provide an open platform for entrepreneurs, developers, and technology professionals to keep at par with the latest tools and technologies.

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