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Joby won Idea Star Singer Season 4

A Malayalam music reality-television competition, Idea Star Singer Season 4 Grand Finale was completed on 1st august, 2010 and the Joby John was declared as first winner of the singing competition. Joby John got highest number of 522272 votes. In the final episode, there were five contestants included. The grand finale show was happened on Chandrashekaran Nair Stadium, Trivandrum.

S.P.Balasubramanyam, M.G.Sreeekumar, K.S.Chithra and Sarath were judges of the grand finale. Basically, the performance and SMS decided the five contestants’ luck. The five contestants who made it to the stage are Joby John, Preethi Warrior, Sreenath, Anju Joseph and Vidhya Shankar.

Sreenath is the first runner up and Preethi is the second runner up in Idea Star Singer Season 4. Joby John had popularity from the starting and most expected among them with supportive audience interest though everyone had the potential to win the prize.

Idea Star Singer Season 4 winners:

Joby John (27): First Position (Rs.1 crore worth Villa at Trivandrum) with 528728 votes

Sreenath (19): Second Position with 129521 votes

Preethi Ravindran Warrier (23): Third Position with 38203 votes

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Update: Joby in front of his Travancore Builders sponsored 1 crore worth villa


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  1. I feel just pity abt this…. If somebody says, SMS is going to decide the destiny of a contestant, then what abt talent…? big failure!!!

  2. Not only SMS, the judges has to give you the marks right?

  3. Judges marks + 5% score of SMS. Joby got a score of 3.83 since he had lot of SMS and this enabled to get him the villa.

  4. Mr.Jay kay the winners had marks also in order of merit in this case rather than depending on SMS alone. Sonothing injustice

  5. The marks of the judges and the sms are tabulated and displayed.hence no confusion as in other shows elsewere.

  6. Look at where the villa is …the place of the villa and the cost in terms of the location. It will not be worth of what is being claimed of. Just a personal view.

  7. It is reported that Jobi is supposed to pay a tax of Rs 33 lakhs to acquire the villa that he had won claimed to cost rupees one crore. As he is unable to pay, after giving him many false promises, Asianet got out of the deal finally and left Jobi at the mercy of Travancore Builders. The sponsor offered Jobi a flat in Vytilla instead of the villa, on condition that he did not reveal this to the media, and was shown a flat under construction which he is yet to receive. When he contacted the sponsor recently, he was told that due to the non-availability of workers, the work has been stalled. Whenever Jobi approached Asianet, he was told that it is no longer their responsibility. It is believed that the tax for the previous winners was paid by the sponsor. The value of SMS votes polled by Jobi in the 14 rounds + the grand finale would be enough to pay his taxes. Asianet is ultimately responsible for this daylight robbery of not only Jobi but also millions of fans whom they had attracted by offering this big prize.