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Voice of the park – CD distribution started today!

The distribution of Voice of the park CD started today. you can collect your free copies from the VOP outlets opened in Bhavani & Nila buildings.

Voice of the Park Music CD

How to Get a Copy , Is there any charges ?

No, Voice of the park CD is absolutely free for Technopark employees. just show your identity card, and write down your details, and get your free copy.

About Voice of the park Music album – The album released from Technopark, Trivandrum

a musical group featuring debutant singers, released their self-titled first album amid much pomp and fanfare, at Technopark Amphitheatre on the 25th of January 2008. The album, which was released by Padmasree Mohanlal, has been worked on by an ensemble crew of 25 musicians, and features seven tracks in four different languages (English, Malayalam, Hindi and Tamil).Voice of the Park is a music album which has been worked on from start to finish by Technopark employees. With seven songs in four different languages, the album has something to offer to everybody. From fast and peppy numbers to soft fusions; from dance numbers to romantic tracks; from rock to meandering melodies there�s everything that a music lover wants. The assortment of songs have been composed, configured and compiled by debutant artists all of whom are Technopark employees. From the first stages of music composition to vocals to instruments down to CD cover, everything has been handled by people from Technopark. Like the multicultural blend of people who form the strength of Technopark, the music also transcends cultural and corporate boundaries.

The music is a rare blend of cultures like the very people that form Technopark. The fact that the album has songs in four different languages is proof of the integration of diverse cultures present in Technopark! Hindustani chords merge serenely with soft western; fast tracks augmented by foot-tapping beats; ensemble instruments intertwining to a wholesome union; legatos flowing to a romantic pitch; lyrics in English, Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil; all these make Voice of the Park the ultimate experience for any music lover. There’s no denying that there’s something for everybody in this musical consortium.

Music for the album has been done by Arun K Narayanan. He has also penned the lyrics and played the role of chief designer for the album. Marketing, Sales, Public Relations and Branding of the album has been managed by Kiran Rajendran. He has also lent his voice to a song in the album. Anand Venkitaraman, another singer in VOTP, has handled finance, accounting and resource management for the production and release of the album. Harikrishnan Namboothiri, a drummer for VOTP was a key player in the organization of the album.
Contact details:
Arun Narayanan K
email : [email protected]
Kiran Rajendran
email : [email protected]
Anand Venkitaraman
email : [email protected]
Harikrishnan Namboothiri
email : [email protected]

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