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UST Receives Gold Recognition from Brandon Hall HR Tech Excellence Awards

UST has won GOLD at Brandon Hall’s HR Tech Excellence Awards 2022 in the “Best Advance in Business Strategy and Technology Innovation” category. This recent win brings UST’s total Brandon Hall Awards to 10 for 2022. UST was recognized by judges for its use of Open Talent to accelerate UST’s internal HR digital transformation.

UST’s innovative Open Talent strategy has allowed the company to attract the right talent at the right time to complete internal HR Transformation projects faster. As a result, UST saw an 83% reduction in time-to-market as well as an 81% reduction in the total cost of ownership as a result of these enterprise transformation project implementations. Furthermore, the approach also resulted in a superior employee experience as well as improved compliance and operational efficiency.  Impacting 30,000+ associates globally, the open talent platform talent strategy has proved to be compliant, secure, timely, and effective. Without the reimagination of its talent strategy for HR systems functions, these organizational initiatives would not have been completed in the fiscal year.

“The Open Talent platforms strategy helped us fill internal talent gaps rapidly and at a significantly lower TCO, reducing lead time from months to just days or sometimes even simply a few hours. Onboarding time was also greatly reduced thanks to the protocols and processes that UST has pioneered. I’m proud of this innovative solution and I am glad that we were able to help our internal stakeholders implement key employee-facing initiatives, which otherwise would have not been implemented,” said Justin George, Head of Talent Systems, UST.

“UST’s Open Talent strategy allows UST and our clients to gain a significant talent advantage by leveraging the freelancer talent ecosystem. While concerns over data security, privacy, intellectual property and confidentiality made it difficult for enterprises to leverage Open Talent at scale, UST’s unique approach solves these issues. Applying the playbook internally enabled us to unlock tremendous opportunities to accelerate our internal digital transformation,” said Vinod Kartha, VP Strategic Initiatives, UST.  UST will continue to advance groundbreaking digital transformation solutions that simplify operations for clients and internal stakeholders alike. 

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