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The real eye opener. Kind attention please!

Yes! Tech-A-Break is all about fun. Its same for all the other entertainment events in Technopark. We should certainly encourage in conducting these kind of stress relievers amidst the hectic work schedules. But how about, when fun turns to tragedy?

We claims ” The Biggest IT Park “. Just think guys. Do we have a fully loaded multi-speciality Ambulance van? Yeah, we have a Maruthi Omni. We evidently did witnessed on how congested it was/is for a patient to take rest peacefully on its tiny bed. Patient is simply forced to keep his body parts in a crumple packed figure. Its in-fact a pathetic scene. How many people can go with him/her in that Omni to a well-nigh hospital? How equipped is that mini van in terms of trauma care. Its high time for us to think owning a much bigger Ambulance van with all world class facilities as we being the most reputable IT park in the country. Simple enough; Maruthi Omni has its own limitations!

Secondly, In this ” Biggest IT Park “, Do we have at least a mini Clinic (which works 12 hours a day with a doctor + nurses) for we fellow employees? Oh…Expenses matters huh? Come on Sir! Its the matter of ones valuable life. How much we are spending for simple-simple things daily. Why can’t we think of such kind of a life saving factor giving mere humane consideration? We do have recreation facilities for the employees; say for ex: Technopark Club, Food courts, Play ground, Open stage, Food quality claiming Restaurants etc, etc. Even the school where I studied had a better clinic. Is setting up a good health clinic that bad inside the Campus?

The truth & seeming current scenario is that, if one person is affected by sudden illness or when going in serious condition, he/she would be taken to the nearest hospital & thus does time lag. What if, when we have a Clinic inside the Campus itself handing the victim with proper first aids? Even if we need to take the victim to a major hospital nearby, this doctor & nurse can be of help inside the ambulance providing necessary treatment to the victim, till he/she reaches the hospital. This same doctor can even pass the patient’s current health status to the doctor of that got in hospital as well. Kindly be informed that its not the spectators, security guards, colleagues or the relatives who are supposed to be inside an Ambulance while on the way to the hospital, when the patient is badly in need of genuine medical help.

Thirdly, how equipped we were/are, when we contrive for such kind of a Mega event in terms of medical attention? Technopark is such a big community assuming over 22,000 professionals working round the clock. How good were/are we when it comes to the health concern management of all these hapless professionals who made Technopark the so called ” Biggest IT Park ” ???

Its really very sad for my dear colleague & friend, late Bhuvana Sundar  (aged 24). He was dancing along with us/me in the rally. We/I didn’t know that this soon he……..

Please Sir. This is an eye opener. From childhood itself we all are hearing ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Anyhow, we lost our Bhuvana. But next time ahead, similar incident like this should never happen. We must need these prerequisites at any cost. If we are still justifying that we have ‘on call doctors’, we are very sorry to say NO!!!. Also, please don’t try to favor us with the word ‘Health Insurance’. Yes; Its been provided for each of the employees. But we know how tough it is to get or avail on its timely benefit.

There might be lot of other unnoticed things to plan & to execute still. We should be pro-active enough to defy it. Otherwise, loss will be huge none other than for the victim’s family alone, as they can’t recruit & replace for their beloved ones!!!

Adharsh S Asok


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  1. well said my dear friend. and the next big thing we need to act on, is the speed of vehicles with in technopark campus. please restrict the speed in to 20km/hour and make arrangements to strictly follow it, with the help of securities and other facilities.

    If not, i’m betting that you can hear another disaster soon. people are flying through the technopark road. especially the road between Tejaswini and bhavani. please at least put some speed breakers there.

  2. Certainly…well said…its time to take a move..I am sure that the super specialty hospitals in trivandrum will be happy to set up a clinic with ambulance facilities in technopark…provided contacted through proper channel..its a huge business opening for them..heard that most of the hospitals have marketing people too…

    Also the Food factor in and around technopark…huh..i have been to many places..but never found this hard to find a place where good food is hard to find..The food served in hotels in and around are of cheap quality and they will do anything to make profit…recently had a mail regarding one of the employees got serious burns in his mouth eating food from a hotel near karyavattom…c’mon guys.i mean the health of 25,000 people are at stake..and everybody can’t eat out at subway or dominos…Technopark authorities have to wake up and do something..I mean they are providing ample facilities for companies to setup..but they have to provide good living conditions for employees also…i remember technopark was the greenest among the IT-parks in india,in fact it still is,but for how long..I can see buildings coming up everywhere..i can see the natural landscapes being demolished,I can see the no of trees reducing..soon technopark will have only buildings and no more trees..

    Hmm.. the buildings..Do the authorities conduct any inspections about the safety measures in the buildings…i mean except or or two buildings i don’t think the safety measures are adequate for this much of people..I know many offices with only one exit and no fire escapes,even without windows…how are people supposed to get out in case of a fire..Remember the mumbai fire,where people where forced to jump out of the 7th floor..bcoz the had no where else to go..! I cant find a fire extinguisher around also..

    Look at the walkways..the slabs are here and there..u cant step on a single slab with confidence the it will not shake..whats beneath..the drains…they are all filled up with optical fiber cables,Nothing else….remember last year a heavy rain caused severe flooding from gathri-m2..water had nowhere to go..rainy seasons are due in 2-3 months..with slabs broken and flood blocking the view,the pedestriants are at great risk..

    Do something or i thing the worse is still to come..

  3. Hai Adharsh S Asok……I think u may please forward this to all technopark officials including our Hon.CEO ! This will surely be an eye opener for all ….
    Well said man….We all are with U !!

  4. It is really surprised to hear such news. It is really an eye opener. please send this news to the authorities.

  5. This news got through the CEO & other main officials in Technopark already. Lets wait for some more time & see on what big thing is gonna happen. Thanks for the comments & do keep posting the same. Valuable feedbacks really matters in this particular tragic incident!

  6. Adarsh,

    Very valid points and good post. Thanks for taking initiatives like this.

  7. Good initiative. who will write another post about the high speed vehichles with in campus? friends, it is getting dangerous day by day. someone else also mentioned it on the previous posts. last week i had a near to death incident in front of tejaswini building.

    the drivers in technopark is driving with out any care, and if it is after 7 PM they wont even mind the other vehicles or pedestrians in the road. whenever they see someone in the zebra lines, they will speedup to scare us.

    The cab drivers in technopark is also doing serious traffic violations. one day i noticed that they are taking a right turn in water tank, in at least 60km/h. they are supposed to take the round from the left side of the water tank (near park centre) instead of that they took the right turn, and what would happen if someone else is coming in the opposite direction?

    so please someone take initiative to put a stop for this.

  8. HI…
    Friends.. i m karthik from Tamilnadu. Me and Buvanasundar same college. He was so brilliant guy. We miss u so much. when i hearing the news i m so shocked .. in college days he was ……………………………………………………………………

  9. Well, only if people with real background in execution comes to the position of Technopark CEO, shall we see real changes. Like, when Vijayaraghavan was the CEO. Nowadays, its occupied by people who have no idea what to do!!! Avidae angu irikkuka, athra thanne… Is any marketing of Technopark going on? Are we improvising on any front? Are we taking any feedback from company CEOs regarding the difficulties that they are facing? on and on…