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Striking Response for Techie’s Children’s Novel>> “Anandapurathe Athbutha Kattadikal” , a children’s novel by Naveen Neelakandan is enthralling children of all age groups. The book was released by Dr. Shashi Tharoor, MP a week ago at Travancore Hall, Park Center, Technopark.

“I was amused by the reviews and comments received from children and parents just after a few days of the publication of the book” says Naveen Neelakandan “Some kids told me that this is the first time they ever read a full length novel. They were so thrilled; some of them completed reading it in one stretch. The book is thrilling, and its encouraging modern kids to read. I think that’s a very positive impact ”It is quite tough to write for children and to grab their attention through a book, but Naveen is continuously receiving love from children just after the days of release. The New Indian Express and other malayalam newspapers and channels have already covered the news. Naveen also made a very good impression on Sri. Shashi Tharoor which was well reflected in his speech and the tweet later.

A Testimonial

After receiving so much love from kids, we thought we should be reaching out to our colleagues in technopark” says Sanal, a colleague of the author and a techie from Technopark “ we are giving away a number of copies of the book for Techies from technopark for 50% discount. Call 7012675193 to book and Collect copy from Tejaswini Building.

Naveen being a techie who also has a busy professional life, always found time to tell stories to his children. In his speech on the ceremony, he revealed that the story was first told and written by him way before and never thought about publishing. The trailer video also grabbed great attention which was voiced by Mythri and Aryan, Naveen’s children, also the first to hear the story before everyone could.

The Marveling Windmills of Anandapuram and its Characters are conquering the minds of the young, Encouraged by the success of the book, Naveen has already started writing the next book in the series.


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