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Robotic Process Automation(RPA) Weekend Classes at Trivandrum- Enroll Now>> RPA- Robotic process automation, a set of software systems designed to automate simple, repetitive tasks that usually take up a large percentage of a human labour’s time, such as data entry tasks, data manipulation tasks, application form processing & loan processing etc, will create more and more job opportunities that it displaces by 2025.

RPA is becoming an increasingly popular technology in modern enterprises. The future workplace will feature a blend of human and digital workforce, also known as software robots or “bots”.
Being skilled in RPA is essential since:
⦁ RPA will be widely used in different domains and industries like BFSI, Manufacturing, Retail, Analytics, Aviation, Oil and Gas and Legal.
⦁ Data entry and data rekeying jobs are already being managed with automated tools and techniques.
⦁ RPA will be used for improvised analytics and improved data accuracy.
⦁ Formatting tasks can be managed with the help of RPA as it consists of a set of rules.
Job Opportunities:
Currently in Trivandrum, RPA is one of the topmost sought out skills, with around 30-40 openings each quarter.
A fresher with RPA skills can easily expect a salary package of 5-7 lac per annum.
Course Name:   Enterprise RPA: UiPATH

EDGE Course benefits:
⦁ Bootcamp model – real-time hands on learning experience in classroom
⦁ Receive Certification directly from UiPath
⦁ Weekend Classes for working professionals
⦁ Project Based Syllabus based on real business case studies and solutions.
⦁ Summary sessions to clear gaps in learning and to cover the missed portions
⦁ Learn directly from Industry Experts with mentorship
⦁ Placement referral and assistance on completion of the course.

Course Duration: 60 hrs ( 3 hours/weekend , weekends only)
Please contact us at +91 9966963275 for more information regarding the course details and schedule.


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