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PhonePerfect – A Startup which Repairs Mobile at Your Home, 2017): Mobile Phones, nowadays are not any less than a close friend for us. Data in our phones are valuable and private. It’s not comfortable for us to leave our phones for repair, at service centers for days.This is the problem that a couple of young entrepreneurs addresses with its on-the-spot service at customer’s location with a startup named PhonePerfect

“There are a lot of service centers that shows professionalism and integrity. On the other hand there are many which rely upon unethical means to generate revenue. Some typical acts of fraud are keeping the customer’s phone at service center for days and making the customer think that there is lot of work being done on the phone to collect more money. In some service centers amateurs get training on customer’s mobile phones. The worst scenario is trying to access the data especially if it’s a female customer’s phone” – says Stafan Alex A, founder of PhonePerfect

How they solves the problem?

PhonePerfect makes the entire process very transparent and simple. Once you place a mobile phone service request at their website, you’ll receive a call asking for more details about the damage, brand, model etc. Based on that details they will inform you an estimate. If you are comfortable with the estimate, the PhonePerfect technician will arrive at given address and repair the phone right there.

The Story behind the Company

It started when a friend of Stafan shared his idea of pick-and-drop model for mobile phone service during early 2016. Though they started off with the concept in Kazhakootam, Trivandrum, they failed to generate enough traction with no marketing budget. They couldn’t get a proof of concept and parted in different ways in career.

In 2017, Stafan realised that the pick-and-drop model has many problems from customer’s point of view. Though it facilitates convenience, security and transparency are still not provided. He formed a team, created a new website and launched PhonePerfect which offers on-the-spot service for Mobile Phones at customer’s location.

Amreesh a CS engineer armed with Masters degree from Curtin University, Perth, Australia after working at a technopark based company for more than 2 years and Arun a CS engineer who had been working in the Industry for more than 5 years when he decided to call it quits joined Stafan and formed the core team. While Amreesh takes care of operations along with Stafan, Arun takes charge of online marketing activities.

Big Plans for Future

PhonePerfect aims at expanding its operations across Kerala in 2017. They are also looking for investors who can understand their vision, identify the scope and support them in their growth stage.

“We won’t be able to service all the mobile phones in market, but we will revolutionise the way mobile phones get serviced now. We are a brand that bets on trust and quality and so we are sure that we will get majority market share”, says Amreesh.

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