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NISSAN Visited Technopark – Updates!

Nissan meeting at technopark trivandrum kerala, 2018): A detailed site visits by NISSAN team at Technopark, where the futuristic campus has been envisaged. Technopark CEO Hrishikesh Nair gave a detailed overview of IT ecosystem in Trivandrum, discussed various options to start operations and done a site visit at Technocity with the team as well. A meeting was also arranged with CEO’s of Technopark IT companies to get more in-depth understanding of Technopark and the success stories of the IT ecosystem. 

The following Dignitaries were present in the meeting, Anthony Thomas – NISSAN, Laura Garza – NISSAN, Swami TV – NISSAN, Orange, William – NISSAN, Smilkstins Arturs – Boston Consulting Group, Vandermeer Richard – NISSAN ,Noumaru Minoru – NISSAN, Miannay Alexandre – Boston Consulting, Miannay Alexandre – Boston Consulting Group, Baijal Anish – NISSAN and Nagasaka Shuntaro – NISSAN

The NISSAN digital hub in Technocity, Trivandrum will be a research and development facility by auto major Nissan under the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi strategic partnership. NISSAN’s digital hub will function as the nerve centre of the company’s research in electric and automated vehicles.

Nissan meeting at technopark

NISSAN’s digital innovation hub will host a team of engineers & scientists, working to create innovations in automated and electronic vehicles space. The company will be initiating Research & Development work in Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive analytics, Machine learning and other Digital technologies. On setting up operations the company is expected to generate 3000 direct and multi times indirect employment opportunities. This campus will be named as ‘NISSAN Knowledge City’.

courtesy: Technopark,Trivandrum


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