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.Net Interview Questions and Answers – Book Review >> We are introducing a new book to all .NET  job seekers –.NET Interview Questions by B.M.Harwani

There is a great demand for .NET programmer’s.NETQuestionsAnswersBook and developers in IT industry, since the advancements of .NET framework enables the enterprises to choose Windows as a serious platform and .NET based Enterprise framework for business. Now a days companies are hiring .NET programmers in bulk, and there are a good opportunity for both freshers and experienced ones to get a dream job.

But the biggest challenge is clearing the tough technical interview phase in companies – especially for the less experienced people or freshers, you may be knowing the technology – but don’ t know how to answer for the questions the interview panel is asking ?

The book provides the answers to the questions divided into five categories:

Must Know Questions – Includes answers to the general questions that a web developer is expected to know, like answers related to Active X control, MVC pattern, GET and POST methods, Script Injection Attacks, FTP, DNS, hosting a web site, XML, XSL, DLL, WCF and so on.

General .NET Questions – Includes answers to basic .NET questions. Like, structure of .NET framework, CLR, ASP, ASP.NET, IIS, virtual directory and much more

Advanced .NET Questions – Includes answers to advanced .NET questions. Like, Cookies, Session tracking, data transfer, CSS styles, Themes, Skins, Master pages, web.config, machine.config file, Forms, Windows and Passport authentication and much more

Database Related Questions – Includes answers to the Database related questions like, ADO.NET, connection pooling, connection string, serialization, savepoint, rollback, grouping, aggregation, LINQ, BLOB etc.

Questions Related to ASP.NET Controls – Includes answers to the questions related to ASP.NET controls like, AdRotator, Validation controls, SiteMap, ImageMap, GridView control and much more.

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