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Meet Lekshmi Raju – The lady cricket captain from Technopark, 2017): Technopark is a community where you can see the real power of women leadership both at work and life. But still some of the areas where the presence of women is less or even zero. In this women’s day ,we are introducing Lekshmi Raju –  the first lady captain of a cricket team from Technopark.

Lekshmi Raju is a software engineer from Alokin Software, Technopark. She is a very good cricket player and the first lady captian of any cricket team in technopark. According to the team Lekshmi is the most enthusiastic team member. She had convinced everyone to form a team for Technopark Premier League Cricket Tournament. Since she had volunteered to take care of all formalities for tournament participation. She also organize all the team practice sessions, including call and wake up everyone early in the morning!

it was so surprising for the team, to see the way she is leading the entire team. Now every match we are thrilled and excited to score! It was due to her that the team is in the top 8 teams in the qualifier rounds.

Now the team is really convinced that Woman Power can move mountains, and moreover a small team like Alokin can be motivated by a Woman Captain, the first Woman Captain of Technopark!

Happy Women’s Day!


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