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Lunch at Rangoli – A techie’s complaint


Recently my friend as usual went for his afternoon lunch at the RANGOLI restaurant in NILA Atrium. He ordered for a veg meals. He had almost finished his meals when to his absolute horror and disgust found that there is a big ‘cooked worm’ in his meal. Immediately he informed the restaurant in charge, who gave a cold shoulder to his situation. He absolutely brushed aside his concerns and plainly offered a replacement meal which my friend refused. He then said, if you want take it and eat otherwise leave without making much fuss. This is absolutely a ridiculous and irresponsible act from the responsible person. We are paying premium price for an average quality food because of time constrains in going out and having cheaper food. When such stringent measures exist from the government to evaluate the quality of food and even the pricing, why is that our concerns always fall on deaf ears? I am sure that this is not the first time such an incident has occurred but still the problem remains.. let all of us be careful enough to glance the food and search for any ‘unwelcome visitors’ before satisfying our hunger… there is no other alternative at this moment.
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  1. Horrible.

    Funny that these nasty restaurents exists even after repeated complaints.

    Rangoli and Amrita were blacklisted very long back and not sure what is their contract with Technopark Authorities which interests for them to keep these craps.

  2. I personally expressed my disgust in a few restaurants in technopark which includes Rangoli. The quality of the food and the service are too bad. Absolutely no value for the money we pay. These people are looting us and it is high time for the technopark authorities to look into this.

  3. WTF??? This is not the first time RANGOLI has been in the limelight for their WORMS?

    What has anyone done about these dirty joints???

    Wonder who keeps extending their contracts?

    This should be sent to something like Metro Manorama.

  4. Yes, we need to send these kind of news to newspapers so that more attention is given to it. Even after getting plenty of complaints about these restaurants in Technopark, they are able to survive and continue looting us with out any improvements. This shows the illegal contract that these hotel people have with Technopark authorities. By killing people like us, these people are growing and making a lot of money and I am very sure that a part of it reached the technopark authorities too.. Who needs to worry about us when they are getting their pockets full…

  5. Has this particular issue been reported to Technopark authorities. Park Centre. Are they the deaf ears? If they are deaf, you can raise it in public. I don’t mind.

    These type of news will defame Technopark. When some investors look for technopark, these type of news are the first to pop out in search. Thats not a good news for the present and future techies.

    Quote “I am sure that this is not the first time such an incident has occurred …..” —> Then WHY everyone going there? Just boycott the hotel. If others too agree on this, let them also join you.

  6. Technopark authorities WONT and CANT do NOTHING! If they could, why do these places which have even been raided by the Health authorities several times still exist in the campus? Obviously, someone out there is BENEFITING in some way from their existence!

    Well, if it DEFAMES technopark, ask them to do something about it! Or face the DEFAMATION.

    Time for METRO Manorama 🙂

    Enjoy Maadi!

  7. Strict Action should be taken against this.

  8. It’s high time for the TP authorities to respond, if they dont it means that too have something to play

  9. Hope it was tasty…..

  10. This news should reach the local newspapers asap.
    Technopark is running on corrupt administration ????

  11. TP authorities.. Why silent?.. Please do some action… Otherwise resign and give opportunities to some couraged people

  12. ban them for few months.

  13. Cut their license for few months. That must be a lesson for others.

  14. Wow..!! Our Testers found a new “BUG” in Rangoli….
    But the only problem was other Testers didn’t find that Bug and “ATE IT WHOLEHEARTEDLY…”

  15. We get stupid forward mails (by stupid i mean marketing mails sent to technopark) from Technopark authorities signed by a DyGM- Admin. Instead of sending out all such crap mails, I suggest they take strict action on this, order an enquiry and then send a mail to all of us regarding their enquiry and action taken, if found guilty.

    I remember the T’park authorities were very spontaneous in sending us all mail saying Food Court in thejaswini would be stopped when Vital Links defaulted on their rent. I suggest they take the same prompt response in this case as well where its not money- but our life is at risk.
    The underlying point- You are greedy- but dont mess with our lives.

  16. ..but what can the technopark authorities do? they just given the space for rent, and is it their mistake if someone found a bug in their food?

    Lets take it in another way, they are serving hundrads of meals in a day, and how many bugs are found in a day – may be zero. but sometimes it happen.

    The management could have apologize for that, but that didnt happen. Also the authorities can tell them if such complaints are getting more than x times, their license will cancelled.

  17. Ha Ha, r_tvm, it is spineless guys like you accepting all these who are adding to this rot.

  18. Staff in Rangoli are not at all polite to their customers. They act with high handedness.

  19. This shown picture does’nt seem like Rangoli’s. It looks like railway food packings……

  20. +1 Dileep
    I had the same thought. They serve in plates right? How come meals in plastic container?

    +1 Suresh
    This was the major reason I stopped Ranjoli… at least 4 years back.

  21. I can’t see the picture, it only shows the placeholder -PhotoBucket.

  22. Rangoli in NILA is really a black-spot in Technopark. Worst quality food with such exorbitant price rate…. Staff at Rangoli are like bureaucrats… so arrogant and mis-behaving.. i haven’t seen anyware.. They should be kicked off from this campus..

    I don’t know why Technopark is not taking any strict action against them. Is there any link???

  23. Hi
    Why isnt this article in the Homepage of Has someone pressurized you to remove it? Not to worry, this has been circulated on the World Wide Web..which means it has gone real wild…no cure for such [email protected]
    Time to boycott such shady places!

  24. Anyone enquired about that restaurant’s stand on this issue, other than the immediate response from one of their employees? such incidents needs to be put in front of the restaurant management and tell them to give an explanation to the customers especially to the victim. Technopark authorities can take up this, once such explanation is not satisfied the customers.