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Techies says ‘Rename Kazhakkuttam Railway station as Technopark Station, Trivandrum’

As Technopark is the major IT hub of Kerala, Techies put a suggestion to rename Kazhakkuttam Railway station as Trivandrum Technopark which will attract more attention from all over the world, and it can be easily recognized by the passengers.  1 Minute halt to be provided for all the Express, Super Fast trains which is connecting  metros like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Mangalore and the other cities in Kerala.

Also Techies think Kerala State Government should take initiative to construct a KSRTC bus station near to the Railway station, which can reduce the traffic in Kazhakkoottam Junction as well as the Railway station will become more usable as public transport facility is there at any time.

Buses can be operated towards all directions like Attingal, Sreekaryam, Bypass, Pothencode, Venjaramood, Nedumangadu etc.  So people will be attracted to Kazhakkoottam Station, rather than making the infrastructure there is no point in making stoppages for Express/SuperFast trains.

Please put your thoughts on this as comments below



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  1. Nice suggestion. It will definitely help those who come to Technopark.

  2. Its like renaming father’s name when the son became famous. In film ‘Lion’ there is a dialogue which Dileep says to Vijayaraghavan after becoming Home Minister. It is apt here. *I am against the proposal.*

    Any native resident of Kazhakuttom for the past 20 years want to change name, comment it. Inside the wall of Technopark, it is Technopark . Outside there are others also.

  3. Suggestion is good, but as a thiruvanathapuram locals point if you know the history of kazhakootam , you wont be telling the same….
    Anish you point is correct….
    i dont think any native trivandrum people will say YES to it…..

  4. just keep off ‘ Kazhakuttam”. no change of name please. original is always better than a copy. technopark should be thankful to kazhakuttam and not the other way round. ppls coming here should assimilate with the existing not trying to modify and assimilate the existing into them

  5. As kazhakuttom is a historic place in relation with “Lords of the Eight Houses (Ettuveettil Pillamar)”. Keep the name Kazhakuttom itself . I think no need for a name change.

  6. Whats wrong in renaming it in to Technopark Kazhakkoottam Stop? Kazhakkuttam may have its own historic importance, but they should thank to the technopark for such a drastic development to such a place which were infamous for its goonds and illegal activities.

    Naming the railway station with Technopark tag would be helpful for many people, as well as the name can be easily identifiable.

  7. I think its a good sugesstion for renaming the station. “Kazhakkuttam Technopark”.
    Recently the Varkala Rly stn was renamed to “Varkala Sivagiri”
    It can be easy done by collecting signs from 90% employess in TP and sen to E Ahammed the D.Rly Minister (Central) and we can also give a request for the stops for some major trains in Kazhakkuttom. A bus station is very urgent for the late night trains

  8. first thing we need is stop more trains…

  9. good information. if varkala is changes in to varkala sivagiri, why can’t we change kazhakkoottam in to Kazhakkoottam Technopark? let both names be there, it wont hurt the kazhakkoottam desis as well as it serve the purpose to identify the technopark – one of the largest IT parks in the continent.

  10. Kazhakkoottam as a place known only for those who are local to this place. But in the world it is famous for the well known Technopark, the fame came from this largest IT hub only. If the station name is changed to Technopark Station, it can be easily identified, whoever is not a resident of Trivandrum. Take it in a possitive sense, it is not like Kazhakkootam will lose something by renaming it as Technopark. Parks can come up anywhere in kerala, so the people of Kazhakkottam should be delighted, as the technopark is here in your place. So you people should promote the fame of that park to more and more people, every day. There is no point which is destroying the historical importance of Kazhakkoottam, each and everyplace has same stories to say.

  11. As reporter says the name can be “Kazhakkuttam Technopark”. The Technopark should be attached, as the people who is passing by this station should know this is the place where Technopark is. We as TP employees should take up the initiative to collect signs from all employees will sent to E. Ahammed the D.Rly Minister (Central). Also regarding the Bus Station we need to follow up the same with Kerala State Govt., which is more important in the development of this Rlwy Station.

  12. Kazhakkoottam
    “Please alight here for Technopark”

  13. @KK-VS-07
    “Kazhakkuttom Technopark” is the good suggestion.

  14. How can we start a campaign for this? any ideas guys?

  15. I also vote for “Kazhakkuttom Technopark”

  16. technoparktoday can initiate a link to vote campaign in this issue. So that all can poll their vote. Finally voted list will be pulled out and submitted to CEO Technopark and will followup the issue.

  17. soory, the renaming will be opposed by a signature campaign. technopark is nothing great. just a job.

  18. What will you do when a station comes up at Kundara where the Kollam Technopark is coming up? Name that Technopark too?

  19. People come out with such funny requests and suggestions…Techies please put in your brains to help improve the environmental and social conditions rather than renaming of stations.

    I vote for this suggestion

    “Please alight here for Technopark”

  20. It is not necessary to change the name but facilities shall be changed
    1. Stoppage of express trains at least 1 minutes
    2. Facilities like Bus station, prepay ed auto counter etc.

  21. I don’t think renaming is that important. First we need to have express trains stopping at the station and then other facilities like economic transportation (pre-paid auto / buses) & better facilities @ rly station. Once more express trains stop here, the name of the station will automatically become famous. Let us not forget the roots by asking to rename the railway station.

  22. Rename to Kazhakootam Technopark