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FAYA:80 Trivandrum 61st Edition on Decentralized Applications using Ethereum>> Blockchain is one of the technologies that have generated much interest in technology circles and beyond because of the new business opportunities it opens up in many areas wider than Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies. Decentralized Apps and smart contracts count as the disruptive change Blockchain brought in the technology space. Ethereum is a blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system featuring smart contract functionality.

All of us are familiar with ‘apps’ and it works in a centralized model. On the contrary, Distributed Apps are something that changed the traditional centralised client server model making it decentralized and distributed. Understanding the paradigm shift and its boundless opportunities is considered as the need of the hour.

The 61st edition of FAYA:80 Trivandrum provides an open platform for all such enthusiasts to be a step ahead of Blockchain development with Ethereum. The session will be an opportunity for all application developers, testers, technical managers and other technology enthusiasts to make their step into the real development using Ethereum.

Join us for the event to know more.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to Ethereum and DAPPs.
  • Ethereum Smart Contracts.
  • How to Build a DAPP on Ethereum.
  • Ethereum Tokens and ICO.
  • Hands-On Session and Debugging.


  • Techbites
  • Decentralized Applications using Ethereum : A Hands-On Approach (Sreeraj S, Co-Founder and Chief Architect of Servntire Global)

Date & Place

6th June 2018 – 5pm at Floor of madness, FAYA.

The Speaker

 Entrepreneur and technology expert, Mr. Sreeraj S is the Co-Founder and Chief Architect of Servntire Global, a company focusing on Blockchain solutions. He has contributed to the development of various Blockchain platforms and has set up enterprise grade solutions for companies, helping them transform their business. Speaker and blogger, he is a Blockchain evangelist and an advocate of decentralised applications.

FAYA:80 is a monthly technology hangout for technology enthusiasts by technology enthusiasts to break the ice, analyse and evaluate emerging trends in technology. Held on the first, second and third Wednesdays of the month at Trivandrum, Kochi and Kozhikode respectively, the series stands for Free Knowledge Sharing and aims to provide an open platform for entrepreneurs, developers and technology professionals to keep at par with the latest tools and technologies.


Registration is free but seats are limited. Click below link to register online.

Live Link

If you miss to confirm your entry for the event, catch it live here:


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