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Banking & Telecom Industry Veterans Join MobME Advisory Panel, 2014) : MobME Wireless Solutions Ltd, a Kerala-based mobile-internet company, has added Mobmethree senior members from the banking and telecom industries to its advisory board, to get the right mix of expertise and experience at its helm in the constantly changing tech world.

The company has roped in Mavila Vishwanathan Nair, former Chairman and Managing Director of Union Bank of India and Dena Bank, P. Nanda Kumaran, former Managing Director of the State Bank of Travancore and Syed Safawi, Chief Executive Officer of Viom Networks as the new panel members.

“It is very important for companies in India to develop a new work culture and MobME aims to create just that by bringing the startup and professional world together to establish what can be termed as a professional startup culture,” said Sanjay Vijayakumar, Chief Executive Officer of MobME.

“By getting the industry exponents on board, the company hopes to scale new heights while keeping its innovation engines firing,” he said. “As we are going through a transformative stage, we look up to them for guidance and motivation.”

Mr. M V Nair brings nearly four decades of experience in the country’s banking and insurance sectors to MobME. He has been one of the longest-serving bank chairmen in India.

“I feel that big opportunities are going to emerge with 4G and hope to play my part in helping the young team develop new products that could revolutionize the country’s banking sector with disruptive products” Mr. Nair said on his association with MobME.

Mr. Nair, the architect of a number of path-breaking initiatives that were recognized across the financial sector, has also been part of a number of study panels constituted by the Reserve Bank of India to look into various issues faced by the industry.

Mr. Safawi’s rich experience in the telecom, infrastructure and FMCG sectors is expected to help MobME’s young tech wizards stand out in the growing market.

“I am delighted to join MobME as the Strategic Advisory Board member,” Mr. Safawi said. “Being part of this fascinating, game-changing start up is truly exciting and I look forward to mentoring them on their journey forward.”

Mr. Safawi has been entrusted with the task of providing high-level counsel and advice in matters relating to business strategy, managing country risk and compliance, corporate social responsibility and image building and branding.

As President, Mr. Nanda Kumaran will guide the MobME team in creating opportunities for the company’s products and services in the banking domain. The former SBT chief has won accolades for his vision and innovative spirit, which helped the state-owned lender to negotiate a turnaround during its difficult years.

He will serve as the acting Chief Financial Officer until a permanent CFO is appointed. Mr. Nanda Kumaran will also be the principal contact person for the Startup Village Fund, sponsored by MobME.


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