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Mysterious Deaths of Indian Nuclear Scientists – Coincidence Or Conspiracy?

death of indian nuclear scientists conspiracy > India is in limelight after its recent MARS program, and as a developing country, India won the attention of the entire world. But take a serious note on a cartoon/comic appeared in one of the British newspaper!  – A sign of insecurity or jealousy about India’s space programs. It reminds us many people are not comfortable with India’s technological advancements especially in Space and nuclear fields.

In a post appeared in social media recently, an Indian politician, activist and economist  Dr. Subramanian Swamy revealed some mysterious death of  Indian nuclear scientists. over just a three-year period, there have been at least nine unnatural deaths of scientists and engineers at just BARC as well as the Kaiga nuclear facility, of which two have been categorised as suicide, with the rest unexplained in terms of bringing to book those responsible.

The most recent incident one was on 7 October, when the bodies of K.K. Josh and Abhish Shivam were discovered near the railway tracks at Penduruthy near Vishakapatnam Naval Yard. The two were engineers connected with the building of India’s indigenous nuclear-powered submarine, Arihant. They had apparently been poisoned and their bodies placed on the tracks to make it seem like an accident. However, they were discovered by a passer-by before a train could pass over the bodies. In any other country, the murder of two engineers connected to a crucial strategic program would have created a media storm. But don’t know why such a thing is not happening here…However, the deaths of the two were passed off both by the media as well as by the Ministry of Defence as a routine accident, with only the ordinary police officer tasked with investigations into the cause of death. The inquiries went nowhere.

According to the report of Sunday Guardian, Scientists working in the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) have been particularly liable to “suicides” and murders, with several being reported during the past five years. In each case, the unnatural death in question gets passed off as either a suicide or an unexplained killing.

All these incidents probes us to think about a conspiracy behind it. Who all are becoming uncomfortable or feeling insecure because of India’s nuclear missions? remembering the recent report came out about Yasser Arafat’s mysterious death by poisoning and unnatural deaths of several scientists working in Iran’s nuclear program . Iran now protects its key personnel, Likewise Government of India has to take appreciable steps to protect the lives of those active in core strategic programs relating to the country’s nuclear deterrent.

You can read the article published by Sunday Guardian Here…


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  1. This is really shocking…yeah we have some hidden enemies, just remember what happened to Homi J baba ?

  2. Shrinivasan Sundararaghavan

    It only suggests that politicians who have authority have some clandestine dealings.

  3. This only happens in India, this guy contributed for better India and see what has happened with him.