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Meet Shyamlal- the Common man’s IT Guru

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We have seen various blogs and YouTube channels offering technology tips and tech reviews on various gadgets and concepts, but there is a rare chance that such posts cover any IT subject from the very basic to advanced level whether it is software related or IT infrastructure related and even rarer as far as blogs based on Malayalam language is concerned. the video blogging portal of Corona Institute of Technology has now announced a full fledged video session on IT Infrastructure management in Hardware and Networking.  Rather than a basic awareness session, it is a full course on hardware and networking which can convert an IT aspirant to an IT professional and the best part is that it is offered FREE over the YouTube so that you can be part of the session by any of your internet connected device.

Whether you are a developer, implementer or even a normal computer user, the in-depth knowledge of the hardware part of the system is essential for maintaining the productivity in any computing environment and this session comes as bliss for anyone who wishes to acquire that skills from the comfort of their place and offered absolutely free.


You can become a virtual student of this industry relevant session by going to this link and start watching the videos one by one. The session is planned as a one month worth of study if you are dedicating at least one hour of your time per day for this study.

Please find the link here:

But quite obviously we will begin to think why on earth anybody will make such a video session of an entire course and post it over internet for anyone to learn the stuff for free.

But the man behind this innovative effort cleared those thoughts from our mind.   Shyamlal.T.Pushpan, CEO of Corona Institute of Technology is well known in the IT industry and Academic circles for his contribution to the IT education sector by offering his time for free support for layman’s to professionals with direct telephonic support,  answers through community forums and video blogs he is running for the past 15 years.

infokairaly shyamlal pushpanHe started his tech support efforts as the columnist for the Malayalam IT magazine “InfoKairaly.“   In addition to answering technical questions over the column, he also offered his free support over telephone even before the social media platforms like “Orkut “ comes in to the scene.

After a while, bombarded with all the telephonic support calls, he started a curiously named web site which is his mobile phone number. He still operates this site to answer technical queries under the name

microsoftMicrosoft recognized his efforts for tech evangelism and honored him with their prestigious “Most Valuable Professional award “ back in 2007 and he got the award 7 times since then.

In addition to the telephonic support, through YouTube channel of Corona institute, he is offering tech support videos which helped many students and professionals to build their own systems and do basic network implementations.

He also runs a Web site dedicated to demystifying common myths in IT industry named Desktopdesktop and admin of a Facebook group Named Desktop reality, which is hosting the RealityCamp, a live streamed session where professionals and IT enthusiasts from various parts of Kerala gather to share their skills for the audience.

He now focusing on Data center Virtualization and Consultancy as his career and even created videos on that subject too so that a normal tech person will get to know more about it.  Find him on

Since the Free Training session on IT infrastructure is being created by such an industry leader, we are sure that this will be really helpful for everyone who wish to gain skills on IT infrastructure segment.

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