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Technopark-Based Startup Blooms: Spreading Floral Joy for Athappokkalam

From College Project to Technopark Triumph: Student Startup Blossoms into Event Materials Powerhouse

TechnoparkToday>: In a heartwarming tale of innovation and community spirit, a startup born from humble beginnings has become a beacon of creativity and service in Technopark. This year, during the much-celebrated Onam Athappokkalam festival, a young and dynamic startup, emerged as a helping hand, providing residents with an easy way to source flowers for the traditional floral carpet.

What began as a project between college friends has blossomed into a thriving business, enhancing the way events and festivals are celebrated in the region. The startup UC Monks now situated in the heart of Technopark, curates and supplies floral materials for a variety of occasions, including the Athappokkalam festival.

The founders, a group of former students, shared a passion for design and an unwavering commitment to their cultural heritage. Starting as a way to contribute to their college’s cultural events, they quickly recognized the demand for high-quality event materials and decided to transform their idea into a full-fledged startup.

For this year’s Onam festival, offered a range of vibrant and fresh flowers, making it convenient for participants to access materials essential for creating intricate and stunning floral carpets. Their dedication to sourcing the finest flowers and their eye for design ensured that participants could easily obtain the components they needed to craft beautiful athappokkalams.

Jijo J, CEO of the company, expressed his excitement, saying, “We’re thrilled to see how our startup has grown and contributed to the cultural celebrations of our community. From the early days of creating athappokkalams in college, to now supporting others in doing the same, it’s been a rewarding journey. in fact we are a technology company with competency in computer vision and machine learning capabilities, and this is one of the use case of our upcoming platform. just input your designs / photos with desired size, our algorithm can estimate the exact amount of materials needed, along with the provision to choose the alternatives for same color or budget. “

The startup’s presence in Technopark has not only streamlined event preparation but has also added a touch of innovation to traditional practices. As the company continues to flourish, the company aims to expand its offerings to cover a wide array of events, from local festivals to corporate gatherings.

The success of UC Monks is a testament to the power of innovation, determination, and the desire to contribute positively to one’s community. This startup’s journey from a college project to a Technopark-based enterprise serves as an inspiring story for aspiring entrepreneurs and showcases how a small idea can truly bloom into something remarkable.

With UC Monks as an example, it’s evident that the seeds of innovation sown in educational institutions can sprout into businesses that enrich and transform communities. As the Athappokkalam tradition continues to thrive, this startup will undoubtedly play an essential role in preserving and enhancing the cultural fabric of the region.

this year (2023), you can connect them via whatsapp : (+91) 88910 42161 for your athappookkalam designs & its flower requirements, since they are working on their dedicated ordering app & website.

visit their company website –

Date: August 10, 2023


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