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iPhone 4 Vs Samsung Galaxy S2. Which is the Best?

iphone vs galaxyApple launched iPhone 4 in India, and Samsung launched their latest Galaxy S2. so the gadget freaks are pretty confused to choose the best one out of them. Here is a comparison study between Apple iPhone 4 and Galaxy Samsung S2.

Size & Weight

Samsung has claimed that Galaxy S2 is the world’s thinnest smartphone. The size of this model is 125.3*66.1*8.49mm and the weight is 117gm. However iPhone4 is 115.2*58.7*9.3mm and the weight is 137gm.


This model of Samsung has Super Plus AMOLED. The size of the screen is 4.27inch with 800*480px of resolution. iPhone4 has 900*640 px of resolution and the screen size is 3.5 inch. iPhone4 has retina display however Super plus AMOLED in Samsung is slightly ahead than iPhone4. Visibility and less power consumption are making it better.


Samsung Galaxy S2 has 1650mAh battery whereas iPhone4 has 1420 mAh battery. The capacity of Samsung is more than iPhone4 however various other factors are going to be involved here. Samsung is supporting dual-core processor as well as various other enhancements. Display screen of smartphone plays a major role in a battery life. Therefore Super AMOLED display of Samsung is available to make a proper balance.

Storage Capacity

Samsung Galaxy S2 and iPhone4 have 16/32 GB storage capacity. However the presence of microSD up to 32GB in Samsung is making it more effective than iPhone4.


Galaxy S2 has new HDMI and 4G technology. It has Bluetooth 3.0 with DLNA. iPhone4 has 3G network with Bluetooth 2.1. It clearly shows that Galaxy S2 is better than iPhone4 in this case.

OS & Performance

RAM has been doubled in Galaxy S2 now. This model has been powered by Android 2.3 Gingerbread and it has 1GHz Tegra 2 dual core technology. However iPhone4 has 512MB of RAM and it is based on IOS 4.2.


Samsung Galaxy S2 has dual-core processor and iPhone4 has Apple A4. The dual-core processor of Samsung is keeping the model ahead of others. The multitasking works can perform better in this model.


The price of Samsung Galaxy S2 is less than iPhone4. It is also one of the advantages of this phone. This model is ready to win the heart of the people.

We have discussed almost all the important things of these two phones. You have got the information that which model is better. Isn’t it? Samsung Galaxy S2 is surely a better option. We still have to wait for the next model of iPhone to check the development. Those people who are thinking to upgrade their phone can go with Samsung Galaxy S2. It is ready to give you the full value of your money.


At least iPhone got a plus in one thing which is better than galaxy. iPhone 4 is much ahead in terms of the looks and appearance. One of the major drawback of the samsung galaxy is it looks like a plastic box, while the iPhone got a very elegant metallic look. the engraved Apple logo will definitely make proud any Apple fan boy.


A detailed comparison chart given below, to compare the features of then one by one.



Comparison of Specifications Samsung Galaxy S II (Galaxy S2) vs iPhone 4
Design Samsung Galaxy S II (Galaxy S2) iPhone 4
Form Factor Candy bar Candy bar
Keyboard Virtual QWERTY with Swype Virtual Full QWERTY
Dimension 125.30 x 66.10 x 8.49 mm, 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 mm
Weight 116 g 137 g
Body Color Black White, Black
Display Samsung Galaxy S II (Galaxy S2) iPhone 4
Size 4.3 inches 3.5 inches
Resolution WVGA, 800×480 pixels 960 x 640
Features 16M color 16M color, Oleophobic coated, scratch resistance
Sensors Image stabilization, Accelerator Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Digital Compass, Gyrometer Three axis gyro, Accelerometor, Proximity sensor, Ambient light sensor
Operating System Samsung Galaxy S II (Galaxy S2) iPhone 4
Platform Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Apple iOS 4.2.1 (upgradeable to iOS 4.3.1)
UI TouchWiz 4.0, Personalizable UI Apple
Browser Android WebKit, full HTML Safari
Java/Adobe Flash Adobe Flash 10.1 JavaScript
Processor Samsung Galaxy S II (Galaxy S2) iPhone 4
Model Samsung Exynos, ARMv7 Dual-core Application processor Apple A4
Speed 1.2 GHz Dualcore 1 GHz
Memory Samsung Galaxy S II (Galaxy S2) iPhone 4
RAM 1 GB 512 MB
Included 16 GB/32 GB 16 GB/32 GB
Expansion Up to 32GB microSD card No card Slot
Camera Samsung Galaxy S II (Galaxy S2) iPhone 4
Resolution 8 Megapixel 5.0 mega pixels
Focus, Zoom Auto, Digital Auto, Digital, tap focus
Video Capture 1080p HD 720p HD
Features Geo tagging, Single Shot, Beauty Shot, Panorama Shot, Smile Shot, Action Shot, Cartoon Shot Double microphones, Geo tagging, Image stabilization
Secondary camera 2.0 megapixels VGA Three axis gyro, Accelerometor, Proximity sensor, Ambient light sensor
Entertainment Samsung Galaxy S II (Galaxy S2) iPhone 4
Audio Sound Alive music player, File Formats: MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, OGG, WMA, AMR, WAV , FLAC, XMF, MID, AAC, Protected AAC (from iTunes Store), HE-AAC, MP3, MP3 VBR, Apple Lossless, AIFF, WAV
Video [email protected] 30fps, DivX, XviD, MPEG 4, H.263, H.264, WMV, VC-1, Video streaming H.264, MPEG-4, M-JPEG
Gaming Game Hub, Let Golf 2, Real Football 2011 Game Center
FM Radio Yes No but Tunein Internet Radio App
Battery Samsung Galaxy S II (Galaxy S2) iPhone 4
Type Capacity 1650 mAh Li-ion non-removable battery; 1420 mAh
Talktime TBU up to 14 hrs (2G), up to 7 hrs (3G)
Standby TBU max 500 hrs
Mail and Messaging Samsung Galaxy S II (Galaxy S2) iPhone 4
Mail POP3/IMAP4 Email &, SMS, MMS with Video, Gmail, MS Exchange Gmail,Email
Messaging IM (Google Talk) , Beluga IM (Facebook) MMS, SMS, IM (GoogleTalk)
Connectivity Samsung Galaxy S II (Galaxy S2) iPhone 4
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Direct, 802.11 b/g/n 802.11 b/g/n. n at 2.4 kHz only
Wi-Fi Hotspot Yes GSM model with upgrade to iOS 4.3, CDMA model
Bluetooth v3.0 v2.1+EDR
USB 2.0 FS Yes, connect via 30 pin dock adapter
Location Service Samsung Galaxy S II (Galaxy S2) iPhone 4
Maps Google Maps Navigation – beta, Navigon Google Maps
GPS Yes, with A-GPS support A-GPS
Lost-Theft Protection Yes , with third party application ex: My Lookout Find my Phone
Network Support Samsung Galaxy S II (Galaxy S2) iPhone 4
4G No No
Applications Samsung Galaxy S II (Galaxy S2) iPhone 4
Apps Android market, Samsung Apps, Google Goggle, Google Mobile App Apple Apps Store, iTunes
Social Networks Facebook,Twitter,SNS, Social Hub Facebook, Twitter, SNS
Voice Calling Skype,Viber,Vonage Skype,Viber
Video Calling Skype,Tango Skype,Tango,QiK
Featured Office Document Viewer, AllShare AirPrint, AirPlay, Find my iPhone
Business Mobility Samsung Galaxy S II (Galaxy S2) iPhone 4
Remote VPN Yes Yes , CISCO Anyconnect,Juniper JunOS Pulse
Corporate Mail Yes, Microsoft Exchange Active Sync Yes,Active Sync
Corporate Directory Yes with CISCO Mobile App Yes
Video Conferencing Yes with Cisco WebEx Yes with CISCO WebEx
Other Features Join.Me,Goto Meeting
Security Samsung Galaxy S II (Galaxy S2) iPhone 4
Password Protected Screen,Thirdparty mobile secure application like Lookout. MobileMe,Password Protected home screen
Additional Features Samsung Galaxy S II (Galaxy S2) iPhone 4
NFC,Samsung Kies 2.0, Samsung Kies Air, Readers Hub, Music Hub, Game Hub, AllShare, Voice Recognition & Voice Translation, On Device Encryption, Cisco’s AnyConnect VPN, MDM iBook, iMovie, FaceTime, Multiple language support, Mobile hotspot – no support in GSM model, connects up to 5 devices in CDMA model

is coming out, with Barcelona&#8217;s MWC 2011 event as the place to announce it officially. Presumably, a lot of assumptions draw round the handset, whether or not the successor impresses the smartphone market. To some, the Galaxy S2 is quite, seriously impressive with some great improvements built within. But, everyone has his own personal preference, of course.</p><p>It maybe an initial review to trust casually, maybe not. We need to test it, or even compare it to another champion to make sure this is worth

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  1. iPhone is nothing in front of galaxy it seems. Their market monopoly came to an end.

    I’m feeling pity about the apple fanboys. they are spendng their hard earned money for age old technology, when it compared to galaxy.

  2. Still I don’t know why the apple is enforcing the pathetic iTunes to do anything in iPhone an Ipods?

    I hate the iTunes, that really a burden to users.. so i’m leaving my iphone and moving to galaxy.

  3. @jamespothan, ideas are not one’s property.

    Let them sue chinese street companies first. It is not ethical to sue Samsung just because of the fear Samsung will boom.

  4. dont you guys just understand that their are 23 pending cases against samsung s2 by apple ….samsung is copyind the ios more than 70% he is a real cheat i love apple and i hate samsung

  5. Then you hate HTC also. There are many cases pending for same.

    iPhone4 is full of bugs which also helped increased sales of other phones.

  6. you can see the tear down of samsung galaxy s2 at ifix it website 17 of its hardware components are from apple i phone 3gs and 4 …………

  7. iam not here to talk bout HTC and what is the bug in iphone ……….. you have used it got bored or may be heard from others ..that iphone is not good

  8. I was an iPhone user and now I am on HTC which I feel the Android is far better than iOS. I did not go for iPhone4 as its reviews and ratings were very bad.

    I don’t think copying idea is a sin. Check history, technology change will happen only from the thought “You made X then why cant I make Y?”

  9. but reviews and comments do not make results well im going to take iphone 4 tomorrow byeeeeeeee………..

  10. This review is all damn.this is all in favor of galaxy s2.where is samsung and where is apple.Apple is the most trustable and reputed brand where as samsung is a cheap and is not a reliable one.I surely recommend apple iphone 4 as the best till the arrival of apple iphone 5.

  11. I think Sam sung Gs2 is anytime better than i phone. its very costly to repair, when battery is also very costly. very hectic every time to use i tune……….

  12. Apple is nothing but a piece of bullshit in unrealistic price. Apple IOS is nothing when compare with the capabilities of android. they implemented the muti tasking just after the arrival and neck to neck competition with android phones.

    Android phones having tons of features where the iPhone users can’t ever imagine or even dream. the only plus point of iPhone is the build quality, but the software is just a piece of shit.

    I still remember the limitations of iPhone earlier, they werent even allow to forward a message..phew..

  13. but the class and charisma u will get by using iphone 4….u wnt get it in by using samsung s2……..and also s2 has come after iphone 4….obviously they will have a upper hand as they already knw wat iphone 4 is having….i m sure the release of iphone 5 will rape samsung apart…..

  14. Hey guys iPhone 4 is a god phone samsung galaxy s2 is also good but the problem is that samsung uses low quality parts and apple uses good quality parts and iOS 5 is the worlds best OS android is not so good I know it’s more customizable but not friendly where as iOS is know for it’s friendly ness
    iPhone hav eye retina dp and samsung AMOLED which is not so good as eye retina.
    And samsung is Korean based company and apple is US based company
    So all know who is best

    So if u want a good but not cheap phone u should prefer iPhone 4

  15. And another great feature that only iPhone haves is that it can also run android OS whether it is Ginger bread or honey comb

  16. i phone is better than samsung galaxy
    galaxy feurates like chines mobilre
    iphone good to be use

  17. i phone is good but i love android OS. samsung galaxy s 2 give combination of speed and android OS. one more thing is their price difference of both phones.i go with galaxy s 2 . if i phone use android OS then no one can compare with this phone to any other phone.

  18. Samsung Galaxy is feature rich, but iPhone is just surviving with its brand name only. if i’d given a chance to choose between these two, i would go for Galaxy

  19. Samsung has improved themself a lot and now become a brand. Apple try to cash it’s brand name by providing less/old features. Now a days most of the products are made in china only but good companies maintains their standard even if it is china made. Definitely iPhone have rigid body and galaxy S2 has cheap body so need to be handled carefully. But i feel both phones are overpriced.

  20. Samsung has been around for so many years . I had a Samsung phone before and i had no problem. I am torn between the apple and the Samsung galaxy. Well i have the galaxy and i like it a lot and i have no problems with it. Apple and samsug are both amazing companies . Galaxy is faster slimmer and the screen is bigger.

  21. Hey Guy,

    What did you know about iPhone? Have you ever used it? I’d like to explain in couples of words that what’s the differences between iPhone and Samsung (others).




  22. where is samsung and where is apple.Apple is the most trustable and reputed brand where as samsung is a cheap and is not a reliable one.I surely recommend apple iphone 4 as the best till the arrival of apple iphone 5.iphone is [email protected]

  23. samsung galaxy s2 is better,look at all the features and compare to the iphone is not necessary to pay more money to get the best. it is smart to have good things at a good price.

  24. samsung galaxy beating the i phone in ratings is amazing. forget the cheap parts but look at the features. the both fo them are good but i go for the galaxy s2 it is far better than the i phone4

  25. suggest me with these 2 freaking disaster……iphn 4 or gs2…???

  26. but What I heard is the samsung phones having some complaints. i know 3 of my friends needed a board replacement for samsung galaxy models within the first six months.

  27. Heared 34% of the Android phones affected by hacking. So there must be some security flaw in this free-stuff.

  28. go appllllllllllllllllee

  29. This is a sick comparison. I used both and eventhough the hardware is huge for S2, the bad OS (read Android) is the pain. It still lacks power (hardware wise). The screen looks brighter in S2, but response and smoothness is generations behind compared to even iPhone 3Gs. Also Android drains the battery faster no matter what technology LCD uses!! If it was even a half-match to iPhone (e.g Camera), then why is Samsung bringing the Galaxy S3 next month? So if you are posting comparisons, please stop the fan-boy approach and give comparison on actual usability (not hardware spec)

  30. iPhone plays games and 3d games better than S2 and also it has good battery life than Samsung galaxy S2. iPhone 5 has been launched and Galaxy S3 too…. So now we should talk about these two. But in my view, iPhone is an iPhone not anything beat it.

  31. galaxy s2 is toooooooo much faster than iphone4 as it’s my own experiance

  32. hey SAMSUNG GALAXY S 2 IS BETTER THAN APPLE apple is the waste company why should i pay more money to get a worst phone(apple iphone) i should pay to get a best phone (galaxy s2)